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28 Sep 2021

About me


My name is Serhii Hamotskyi, I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, currently living and working in Leipzig as machine learning engineer.

Life story

I finsihed my B.Sc. in Computer Science at Hochschule Merseburg, Germany, and got my Bachelor’s in Software Engineering from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, as part of a double-diploma program.

Currently I’m working at ExB Research & Development GmbH as machine learning engineer.


I did more IT stuff than I can remember, mostly to solve problems I myself had (such as a mirrored left-hand Dvorak keyboard layout), some completely random (like a picture and quote generator that might still be up at

I once created a shorthand system, then tried to optimize it with genetic algorithms, then thought about how interesting would it be to think of an algorithm to generate alphabets based on requirements/medium/messages, which became my only published paper.

Here are the (Russian) slides from a very informal privacy talk I once did, to a very lay audience, where I tried to explain why should they care about the topic at all.

The only actually useful thing and one I’m most proud of is the work log on this website, which makes my life much better and which hopefully helped some other people (more about it here).


Pretty much everything. You can get a good idea of what I like to read about from this website, but the two main ones were always computers and languages. My current area (ML / NLP) is directly at the intersection of both and I’m happy :)

I’m interested in language and languages in general, psychology and influence, previously also information security. I care about privacy, open source, and dislike companies which I perceive to be damaging to any of them.

Except for that, I used to draw (both pencil and vector graphics with Inkscape), sometimes I wrote stuff, sometimes I wrote poetry, sometimes I translated poetry.

Contact me

Roughly in order of decreasing preference:
@pchr8 on Telegram
XING, LinkedIn

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