Yeah, I’m not that good with making up names for posts. “Diary entry for 28/06/13” would be the most accurate, I guess.

Plans for the next couple of days, in a nutshell: Start improving my concentration skills. 

It’s a thing that has been bothering me for a while, to be honest. A year at least. I used the computer a lot, before my exams, and this had a deteriorating effect on my attention span. Another thing I’m grateful to my exams for: they made me rediscover the beauty of paper, of reading texts, of concentrating for a long time.

Topiary in his (very well-written) “My life after Lulzsec” article, touches the problem well enough.

At any given moment I was multitasking continuously, switching between IRCs, Psi+, Skype, VK chats in 3-4 languages, programming something, reading some random Wikipedia article about whatever, having (literally) 30+ tabs open. It took 4 months of intensive work on physics, math, Ukrainian language and literature (intensive work? who am I kidding, haha) to get some perspective on all this. I remember complaining here about a fragmented consciousness, no attention span, inability to concentrate; Interestingly enough, the thought about doing something about it never crossed my mind.

And the end of it all, the Internet is a cold, cold place.

160 character tweets, empty conversations on VK, done at the same time out of politeness and out of some strange kind of guilty pleasure, short articles, made to *appear* interesting but carry no real useful information. As long as there’s a computer around I can never be bored. To think of it, it’s been a while I haven’t felt boredom.

In the past two years I didn’t have enough time to use the Internet to my advantage, but at the same time I kept using it just out of habit; as a result, it really did became a waste of time. … sadly, for most that’s the norm, for Internet and life in general.

I should change the way I see the computer, go back to my $age-2 year old self, and try to think about it from this perspectivе. I am still able to read articles which take longer than 10 minutes to read, stuff that makes you think, and enjoy the process.

Basically, I should write a bit more HQ stuff, read a bit more HQ stuff, think it over, use the amazing opportunities the Internet gives me, let others look at pictures of cats. Though cats are awesome, yeah ^^

I’ve always been afraid of seeming elitist or something, but really — why I should settle for the norm, why I should be not worse than _someone else, _why do I even compare myself to others?

Either way, good luck to me, I guess, over and out.

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