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19 Sep 2016

Hello Arch Linux <3

I downloaded and installed Arch again, yesterday. Absolutely randomly and spontaneously.

And it feels absolutely wonderful. It’s been really a long time.

I also decided to try i3 instead of my usual Spectrwm/AwesomeWM, and after playing with it for a couple of hours I love it.


Newsbeuter for RSS, cmus for music (slowly downloading my music from 2010-2012), irssi for IRC (I wonder how many of the old channels I frequented are still alive), mutt for email, newly discovered ranger as file browser and zathura for pdfs.

I’ll fine-tune the various color-schemes later, or maybe I’ll find somewhere my old dotfiles.

Arch got me remembering and returning to my old music, programs, design schemes, interests. Which I find wonderful. And I find this change from the stable-and-predictable Debian to the much less predictable Arch a very good sign, to be honest.

Куртец пробит как в кино – чуть повыше сердца

И до сих пор подкладка пятнами в черной крови

Но заебись что в кармане на дне как в прошлое дверца

Затихарился полный корабль той самой травы

I need to come back to the world of programming, information security, various very different IT interests, obscure IRC channels with strange conversations into the night, I so miss all of this.

When I was doing Arch and information security at 14-15 it was immensely interesting and effortless — I wonder what would have happened if I had never stopped. Actually nothing too good, if I think about it. “I’m big on ##linux” but no RL friends, I bet.

Regardless, today is a historic day.

Over and out!

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.