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05 Oct 2022

Python raise_or_log function

Neat snippet I just wrote that will get rid of a lot of duplicated code:

def exception_or_error(
	message: str,
	fail_loudly: Optional[bool] = False,
	exception_type: Optional[Type[Exception]] = ValueError,
) -> None:
	"""Log error or raise an exception. Needed to control the decider
	in production."""

	# Raise whatever exception
	if fail_loudly:
		raise exception_type(message)


are_we_in_production = True

# will log or raise a ValueError based on the above
exception_or_error("File not found", fail_loudly=are_we_in_production)

# if raising something, will raise a KeyError
exception_or_error("Row not in db", fail_loudly=are_we_in_production,
				  exception_type = KeyError)

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