Today at the beginning I set mediawiki up, another one, and talked to M re everything connected with it. Now I’m doing my internship report.

For this I had to install latex, the package is texlive-most, which amongst other things contains xelatex.


Install perl-file-mimeinfo. After this, I could change the program to use as mimetype what.pdf.


I’m learning to use tmux, just because why not. I hear it’s better than screen. (And lighter than my current solution of multiple terminator instances.).

Best and greates tmux.conf

<C-b> d from inside tmux to detact the current session; tmux attach-session -t tb for attaching the session tb, also works with numbers. Can be tab-completed.


Middle mouse button for pasting from primary, Ctrl+Meta(Alt?)+C/V for copypasting from clipboard. Uses .Xresources for config, and I’m using this one, it’s perfect.


Added a Categories page, using this guide.

Zsh prompt

Added the mod system from my calendar to my prompt, so I can see if the day divides cleanly by 3 5 10.

DAY=$(date +%j)

if (($DAY%3 == 0)); 
then r=1
if (($DAY%5 == 0)); 
then w=2
if (($DAY%10 == 0)); 
then x=5

PROMPT="$SPRINT ["$r$w$x"] $addprompt $PROMPT"

which gives me a prompt like: 2 [1] !!! sh•~/hs/dt» first number is the sprint number, in square brackets are the mod bits, then number of unfinished taskwarrior tasks.

Used this bash conditionals primer as reference.