Changed colour of +F tasks to a better shade of gray in .taskrc

# color.tag.F=color239

Show all available terminal colors

curl -s https://gist.githubusercontent.com/HaleTom/89ffe32783f89f403bba96bd7bcd1263/raw/ | bash

(yay for curl | bash!)


  • Slashes
  • der Schrägstrich - forward slash (/)
  • umgekehrter Schrägstrich - backslash (\)

TODO - all German IT words in one place, and add them to Anki

Intellij idea structural search and replace

Structural search and replace examples—IntelliJ IDEA is neat! Templates are like this:


Note the “target”, usually it’s set to a complete match, but by call and by params exists too.

I had to disable ideavim, because it was doing some weird formatting by itself with brakets and indents that broke checkstyle.

Filters are also important - $params$ will catch only what.function("one"), but won’t what.function(one, two) - had to change count to be [1, +inf]. (1, not 0, because I needed to avoid replacing what.function().)

“Expression cannot be replaced by non-expression” - if you add a ; at the end of the template, it’s an expression now, and the replacement also needs a ; now.

Java “do nothing” instruction (a la pass)

; works! 1 A bigger one that makes checkstyle happy is assert true;

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