Had issues with NoiseTorch microphone not working, fixed by changing the microphone and then back. (…) While I’m at it, updated NoiseTorch, and added this snippet to the polkit config to not-enter passwords: I don’t want to enter my password everytime · lawl/NoiseTorch Wiki


Still exists and still works!

  • sshfs me@server:/some/folder /my/local/folder -p 12345
  • umount /my/local/folder \ Can be used to permanently mount stuff through fstab

An insecure faster version is: sshfs -o Ciphers=aes128-ctr -o Compression=no me@server:/some/folder /my/local/folder -p 12345

(In my case, most of my lag was from zsh git prompt plugin, removing it made it much faster)

arandr change monitor settings to get it recognized

When a monitor stops working, sometimes it is fixed by deactivating/applying/activating/applying in arandr, or doing any changes to it intead of deactivating it. I’ve been changing its resolution, but to maximally preserve the layout, just inverting it (and back) works too!