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  1. "Ask HN: Which non-technology book has influenced you the most and why?"
  2. mildly interesting

Dreaming in code

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The result is a grand tour of the Bible -- from Genesis 3:16 to Revelation 3:16 -- a treat for the mind, the eyes, and the spirit.
This book is ingenious, provocative, and wonderfully informative. A more imaginative and effective passageway into the Bible I have yet to see. Jews and Christians of all stripes --- in fact, nonbelievers too --- will read 3:16 with profit and delight.
See also "Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About "
After an introductory first session, the second lecture focuses on the interaction of randomization and religion, since randomization has become a key area of scientific interest during the past few decades. The third lecture considers questions of language translation, with many examples drawn from the author's experiments in which random verses of the Bible were analyzed in depth. The fourth one deals with art and aesthetics; it illustrates several ways in which beautiful presentations can greatly deepen our perception of difficult concepts. The fifth lecture discusses what the author learned from the "3:16 project," a personal exploration of Biblical literature which he regards as a turning point in his own life.

3:16 - Bible Texts Illuminated

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There's a book called "Dreaming in Code" which actually details how hard this problem was for a real project that ultimately failed. Good book for anyone who wants to read an account of a writer who followed an entire software team through the lifecycle of a product.