In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

28 Sep 2021

Day 1

Non-work journal!

And this is official now.

This is the part that will contain the notes that don’t belong to the DTB.

Less recipes there from now on!

Medicine and IT and meetings and approaches to mistakes

To have open communication while making few errors, have a culture where you can ask questions without judgement before doing stuff.

For example, it should be okay to ask “can I give Ibuprofen to pt. Y with diagnosis Z?” without thinking stuff like “will someone think I don’t know medicine?”

(VG, who in turn took it from a lecture about Fehlerkultur in a semi-medical context)

Pergamon, keychains and Pavlovian reflexes

When visiting the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin, I was playing with my (metallic) keychain.

A worker there found me (“AHAAA it was YOU!") and told me thischarming story:

Their boss has a similar metallic keychain, he also loves to play with it, and that the chain’s sound makes most museum workers extremely worried. And that I kept the guy tense throuout most of the eight and ninth century.

English / phrases

“Any feeling about how much work is left for xx?” - RF

Cooking / English / Brine

“Brining” a chicken is letting it soak for 15min - 6h in ..“brine”, usually water+salt + other stuff: How to Salt Chicken & How to Brine Chicken

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.