In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

27 Sep 2016

~/notes/quotes; ~/notes/phrases

Follows the dump of two files that I always have on my computers. They contain quotes that I have found inspiring and random bits and pieces that I find interesting logically or linguistically. Everything as-is, sadly I don’t have sources for everything, but should be pretty easy to google. Putting it here mostly for backup purposes. A phrase being here doesn’t imply I agree with it, just that I found it interesting.


The most important thing is being able to think what you want, not say what you want. (Hackers and painters)

I pensieri stretti & il viso sciolto – closed thoughts and an open face.

Every era has its heresies, and if you don’t get imprisoned for them, you get enough trouble so that it becomes a distraction.

The people you can say heretical things to without being jumped on are also the most interesting to know.

To the honest inquirer, all surprises are pleasant ones. (

The mind cannot foresee it’s own advance (-/-)

A man could surely teach a dog to give the Hitler salute, but that wouldn’t make the dog a Nazi. It would, however, make the man an idiot. (S. King)

Most people worry about their own bellies and other people’s souls when we all ought to worry about our own souls and other people’s bellies (rabbi Israel Salanter)

Depression makes everybody less everything.


Wherever You Stand, Be The Soul Of That Place.

Love Is The Bridge Between You And Everything.

Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears

Come to the orchard in Spring.
There is light and wine, and sweethearts
in the pomegranate flowers.
If you do not come, these do not matter.
If you do come, these do not matter.

You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home

Maybe the people God really hates are hypocrites. (Terry Pratchett)

I have yet to see a problem, however complicated, which when looked at the right way, did not become even more complicated. — Poul Anderson, as quoted in Systems Theory

You think that if you understand “one” you will understand “two”, because one and one make two. But you forget that you must also understand “and”. — Sufi teaching story, as quoted in Systems Theory.


First of all, metaphysical necessity/impossibility as opposed to what other kinds of necessity/impossibility?

Consider changing your assessment model to favor development over raw product.

I, on the date:Are you, what do you think about Google Translation?

Date:I think he is an excellent tool for communicating with strangers! Now, no need to learn a foreign language! []

It looks like it is hard to coherently argue for a late but smooth singularity. [diplomacy!]

The whole thing was so absurd, that I didn’t bother contradicting him.

— Are you still there?

— Yes, I was just thinking about what you have said. (from a crisis counseling hotline)

Salespeople use a person’s name in critical points where they want attention.

The exceptional students will succeed whatever the skills of the academic staff. (Mainly because they do more work. Simply doing everything you are supposed to, like attending lectures and reading what you are told is both remarkably effective and not all that common.)

Regarding your statement that Wagner was anti-semite… do you mean he was anti-semite as a man or as a composer? You know, he was also vegetarian. But I don’t think he was a vegetarian composer.

Unless one can present factual evidence acceptable at least to oneself, …

Lora said that I talk too much; I will not make this mistake today.

“No sorry.” If it’s too short add “Maybe the flight attendant can help you.”

They are an exponent, not a multiplier

Если это сарказм, то это смешно. Если нет, тоже смешно

I can pay straight cash every month, just don’t ask where it comes from

This is just a band-aid solution for a larger problem

I remember the strange sensation of discovering a lost memory. (The art of learning)

Bruce did not want to feed me information, but to help my mind carve itself into maturity.

I got in trouble for things that other kids at that age didn’t know existed. (Quora)

Rather than looking for something to create, they are looking for someone to oppose.

Use the 10 year test – Feeling stressed about something that just happened. Use the 10 year test. Ask yourself, will this matter in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years? If it won’t, you need to stop stressing out about it. Move forward.

Hindsight is always 20/20 as they say…

and a typical, middle-class 24-year-old is not prepared to handle what that means, politically, in the workplace

It’s nice to know people who know people.

“Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth.” — Sartre

A sanity check determines if it’s /possible/ and /reasonable/ to continue with more extensive testing.

If you present yourself well no one notices you are the devil

I never knew how dead I was until I met her

God knows, I have my own demons

Вчера я погадала (на картах, кофейной гуще и т. д.), и теперь я боюсь, что у нас нет будущего. Это моя карма, которую я заработала в прошлых жизнях. Видимо, мне придется расплачиваться за это своей любовью к тебе. Только так придет искупление! Мы должны расстаться, чтобы тебя не затронул мой кармический долг!

Man cannot make a worm, yet he will make gods by the dozen. (Michel Eyquem de Montaigne)

If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

“Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.” Source unknown

People used to explore the dimensions of reality by taking LSD to make the world look weird. Now the world is weird and they take Prozac to make it look normal.(Bangstrom)

If you try to get everyone to like you, you are a politician.

If everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong.

If someone shitty hates you, that’s awesome.

synapses that wire together fire together

Parkinson’s law: tasks will expand to the time allotted.

Medicine (medical science) is an art and not a science. (Quora:

If you are not working hard, you are probably wasting your time.

It’s more important to be right than original.

И не надо, как это частенько делают любители легкой жизни в науке, увиливать от этого обстоятельства разговорами об «относительности» всяких норм. Относительность относительностью, а здоровый человек все же отличается от больного, и для различения у нас имеется очень точный критерий. Пока сердце у вас здоровое, то есть находится в пределах средней медицинской нормы, вы про него просто не вспоминаете. Точно так же дело обстоит и с головой, с мозгом.

He used the worst in people to get his numbers up. (Quora about Donald Trump)

giving a large number of people dumb kitsch can affect your reputation negatively

Психика – твой враг и союзник врагов твоих.

Человек — единственное животное, для которого свое собственное существование есть проблемой. (Фромм).

  1. The moment your alarm wakes you up, immediately react by sitting up, pump your fists and shout “YEAH!”

17. The key to confidence is walking into a room, and assuming everyone already likes you.

  1. My personal favourite is when people are angry at me; if I stay calm it’ll get them even angrier, and be ashamed about it after.

  2. If you have a warm hand when you shake somebody’s hand, you immediately become a more desirable person to get along with.

15. People have a certain image of themselves and will fight tooth and nail to cling to it. Use this information wisely. You can make people dislike you by attacking their self-image.

  1. For interviews I recommend altering your psychological state beforehand. Tell yourself “I’ve known these people all my life. We’re old friends catching up. I can’t wait to see them”. Visualize the experience, shaking hands, making eye contact, having conversation. What things can you not to wait to tell them? Hold an open pose…stand with your legs apart, hands on your hips, and shoulders back while doing this and SMILE. This may sound cliché but you are in charge of your own psychological state and the power of suggestion is strong.

8. Avoid the side walk shuffle by looking intently over the person’s shoulder, or between people’s heads in a group. Your gaze shows them where you’re going. They’ll drift toward the opposing side / create a gap to avoid you.

  1. If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer just wait. If you stay silent and keep eye contact they will usually continue talking.

I’m intense, serious, passionate.

Being smart never made anyone happy — you need good friends and a good heart.

Every story in the world has a happy ending. It’s just a matter of choosing the right moment to end the tale.

“When I was your age, this was all fields.”


No doctor has yet challenged me, friendly ones say “I can’t comment but don’t stop.”

It looks like it was mostly circumstantial, and fortunately “I know, but, like, come on Judge, we all know he did it!” doesn’t hold up in court.

А он сказал , что он учитель и пришел учит и поэтому должен быть терпим ко всему что позволяют его студенты и терпеливо их учить, даже если они говорят глупости. На глупости студенты имеют право пока учатся, а вот выйдя за стены университета права на глупости нет.

Laugh with everyone and trust no one

The suffering you experience in the world is designed to wake you up

Sarcasm is defined as “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.”.

I apologize for lack of clarity.

Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet. -James Mattis.

When writing an email or something like that, leave the ‘to’ field blank; fill it when and only when you are okay about what’s written and are ready to face any and all repercussions.

“In practice, there is no losing. There is only winning and learning. The only way to lose is to not practice.”

Bless your soul.

Career or job?

It’s not staring if its mutual

I feel /this/ gets passed around here quite a bit, if it doesn’t — it should.

Higher level of analysis and integration than the question required.

How does one unsee insights after all?

Some of the most leading edge thinking in oncology is that cancers have a genetic program that determines growth, and another that determines spread. These two pathways may not necessarily be linked.

On a related note, you should stop what you’re doing, and if you have a teacher like that you should tell them what they meant to you. Right now.

Craziness situatonally tolerated, it seems.

As reminder (or as trophy…)

Finally the interviewer asked: “It is 3 years from now, I have had to fire you. Why?”

There is no good or bad experience; There is only less or more experience.

Work until your idols become your rivals.

“I can’t trust you ever since I broke into your email.”

“To the extent that feminists are for equality, I support feminism.”

I sense that there are much deeper issues going on here that need to be addressed.

I’m not saying there is a conspiracy, but personally I’m glad that there are people out there that question everything. Even if many of the conclusions are irrational and the accusations unfounded, it’s healthy for our nation to have people like this.

This is my priest, he’s coming with us.

Poor people think everyone deals with that much chaos. Rich people think everyone can follow through on long-term commitments.

My favorite soc professor once said that upper and upper-middle class children are taught to question authority, learn about their autonomy, and value their ideas and opinions; while lower class children are taught to obey authority and follow directions given.

They are an organization with secrets, but not a secret organization

Tomorrow, you will be exactly who you are today. The rest of your life is simply a future projection of who you are today. Change only exists today.

Sooner or later the shouter will realize that he/she is getting no where and will say something like, ‘Well, aren’t you going to say anything?’

Your response at this point should be, ‘Not until you are calm’. Full stop.

No promises. I’ll try.

There are things more important than other people’s feelings. (+ Ending slavery is more important than the feelings of those who like slavery.)

Which leads to a crucial conclusion: conforming to other people’s anger is caving to the most stupid part of their nature.

which, granted, is not always a smart choice but is by no means an unforgivable act

It happens a lot if the client thinks he knows programming and specifies the program in what he thinks are programming terms, not in the terms of his business. I can lean accounting a lot faster than you can get 20 years of programming experience

I take issue with your use of the word ‘rejection’.

I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. — Anna Quindlen

Highly gifted people tend towards a more androgynous style, and few of them act out gender role stereotypes. As children, gifted girls and gifted boys are more similar to each other than they each are to their non-gifted, same-gender counterparts.

Turns out, your brain cannot really tell the difference between completely imagining something, and actually experiencing it.

When I was growing up, my mother always told me there are two people you never lie to: your doctor and your lawyer. They can not do the job you’re paying them to do if you lie to them.

**Just the fact that you can feel so deeply tells me you have so much to offer the world. **

I sat down on the sand, and had a talk with a god I didn’t believe in.

Never let someone else think on your behalf.

The smartest people are the ones who can win at games without fixed rules – in which innovation and creating new, worthy ideas determine success.

I find it strange that we give ignorance a negative hue; my professor – one of the smartest people I’ve ever met- often says “I don’t know” ever so often to questions that are supposedly within the realm of his expertise. Of course he comes up with some hypothesis…but the “I don’t know” is an essential part of a complete, honest answer to questions in frontier disciplines.

I think our lives are like candles and when we die the flame goes out. But people still remember the light and warmth and our candle may have lit other flames.

“The problem is that when you look up close at the anatomy, it’s evocative of a lot of different things, but it’s diagnostic of nothing,

“Don’t follow your mentors; follow your mentors’ mentors.”

So trust me, if you are a little crack it is okay. Repair yourself with Gold.

“If your investments are valuable enough to buy what you want, sell it now!”

Cut the number of clothes you buy in half. And double what you spend on each item.

though it’s not even in the top 20 places in Germany to be, it’s still a great place to have been to

Think about Money in terms of amounts per unit time, not absolute amounts.

Your parents’ self-limiting behavior is their own. Your life is your own. I am glad you are asking questions.

Do whatever makes you happy

Beginners want to memorize the details, while experts want to communicate a gestalt.

“After all, you only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” Warren Buffett

FizzBuzz is not the worst question ever. It’s just not a good question.

I’m not saying that’s what you should do, but I think it’s worthy of thinking about.

If a person repeats something three times, he is intoxicated.

I’m not actually defending the war, I’m just explaining the reasoning, such as it was.

It was clearly a big move which will have many consequences – not all understood or predictable.

I feel confident in stating that if you believe that you are an alcoholic, then you almost certainly are.

Do 1 illegal thing at a time.

You can start to believe you can figure your way out of any trouble… which you often can, until you can’t.

I can see how you interpreted my change and I apologize.

I was very sad when I was told he had died, but he was very old and lived a good life.

Never ignore your gut response to a situation.

For about 10 years. After that, the crystal balls become just too hazy.

Live and let live.

“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”

He has changed and improved me in ways he will never know but he still lives with his problems and may never get the freedom of mind which experience.

threshold for nonsense

Intellectualism = exercise of intellect at the expense of others’ emotions

Now I have to go, because I want to continue reading Sophie Kinsella’s The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic – hidden behind a dust jacket from Jean-Paul Sartre’s L’Être et le néant.

“Everything you can prove, I did. What you can’t prove, I didn’t”

That was one of the defining moments of X

Whenever spokespeople get involved, there’s every reason to be concernet (gizmodo)

You feel bad because you want to, I can’t make you feel something. It’s your choice to feel bad”

I don’t understand it, therefore God.

If you don’t mind some /very/ lazy thinking, …, there are a couple of cases when it might just barely work.

Obviously he was very quick to point out that X, but enough people who should know better appear to dispute it (in favour of some variation of “all people are born serving the true god”)

So in any useful sense, the answer is no, …


Teleology is like a mistress to a biologist: he cannot live without her but he’s unwilling to be seen with her in public.

It is charitably described as ‘subtle’. -Gwern

X makes an intelligent case — he has persuaded me — in Y

Headlines X, but headline cases are by definition unusual.

The linguiustic equivalent of throwing your gun at a monster because the magazine is empty.

“When a man throws a ball high in the air and catches it again, he behaves as if he had solved a set of differential equations in predicting the trajectory of the ball. He may neither know nor care what a differential equation is, but this does not affect his skill with the ball.”

The map is not the territory.

Humans are better at sensing whether something is working out in their favor than understanding why or how it’s working out.

Any sufficiently opaque ritual is indistinguishable from magic.

Having either a poor understanding of your own religion or of logic.

The article states that this can’t be written of as ‘just hallucination’, but fails to explain why.

It’s like Iraq times infinity. [about planet Arrakis from the Dune universe]

This is assuming X which, of course, is an absurd assumption.

It is hurtful to turn down a sincerely offered gift.

Longevity for its own sake is the least worthy of human aspirations.

If something in vim takes more than 3 keystrokes you are not using vim right.

Anyone can find a god or lose a god while in prison

reading a semi-intelligent attack on your values and mentally responding to it will probably help you more clearly understand what it is that you do believe.

It’s a language, it’s not encryption.

My main concern would be why you lied and then decided to tell me (speaks to an inconsistent moral paradigm and bad logic, and–worse–a manipulative nature)

a relationship which has the potential to transform both of them

Ask them what they would do if they had more money and time.

Separate the elite from the elite

A lemonade that has maybe been in the vicinity of alcohol at some point.

He doesn’t want to know US politics, he wants you to tell you what he thinks of US politics

Schools are looking for a well-rounded student body, not well-rounded students. [P]

So you know how they use QED or whatever in math? In my class we use “Whoohoo!”

… where I came back with a lady friend at a social event where alcohol was served

Whatever it is, don’t let it beat you, kid.

It was not strictly negative, but the net effect was negative.

Some X do, some X don’t, but most of all some X sometimes do, sometimes don’t.

It wasn’t a conscious crush, or anything I wanted to do something about. I just wanted him to find me intelligent and attractive.

I’m unhappy about your error but I’m happy I have a lawyer who tells the truth.

“enough money that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing” — Warren Buffet about how much should he leave to his children

The narrator of the story is a British journalist in India — Kipling himself, in all but name.

Now cats are different, you’d better say sorry or they’ll strangle you in your sleep.

“Without freedom there can be no morality” — Jung

Most of us don’t do it well, but doing nothing doesn’t work either.

With tolerance and low doses the spectrum is similar (A, B, C) but the magnitude is far weaker.

… while you (warning, political correctness ahead) partner …

Brother from another mother!

Good luck, never forget to love yourself through the process.

Smoke and mirrors.

You know, just because you’re up there teaching, doesn’t mean we’re learning.

He helped me as much as someone who isn’t me could help

Sending out any message that is not realistic is counter-productive. I am from the era where the parental message was “if you smoke marijuana, the next day they’ll find you dead in the gutter with a needle hanging out of your arm”. Those kind of messages make people think that everything they heard was bullshit propaganda. It’s not the blacks and whites that get us, it’s playing around in the gray areas. That can get dangerous.

It is possible but you almost certainly cannot.

Skip the euphemisms — they comfort no one except the person speaking them.

You can’t make it better, but you can definitely make it worse.

We’re talking about religious beliefs, so I will state what some believe and teach in this respect. It’s up to you to agree with or reject the following: …

If you face reality too much, it kills you.

Anger that is powerless evolves quickly in depression.

A beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste

stand out by simply existing

Existential depression is a sign of spiritual progress and depth, not a mental illness, and there are creative ways to deal with it.

Claim Three: Rockefeller something something bioterrorism something, maybe.

Life is temporary, death is permanent.

X is impossible (Open to correction on that)

No names, child. You don’t offer and you don’t ask.

Thanks for worrying about me

Stop it! Why are you acting like the part of me that I hate?

“Love of money”, and not “money”, is the root of all evil.

As long as it’s a steam engine, and not just steam! (About thinking/intellect)

This cover story details #young #vulnerable #feminist writer Amanda Hess’s frustration with disinterested male law enforcement when, …

Cling to an undefined social construct of no objective importance

— You have very nice hair

— Thanks, I grow it myself

You become an adult when society, composed of the people around you, basically decides arbitrarily to begin regarding you as one. It has a feeble, often erroneous and capricious concord with your contributions to society, or your maturity level.

Life is like high school with no money. (Frank Zappa)

The Japanese have forgotten more neurosurgery than the Chinese had ever known

Case noticed a certain tension around her mouth.

Keeping stranger company than usual?

You know how he always says he will get the “best people” on things? I’d argue he doesn’t have access to the “best people”.

At the time of death a pet stops being a pet and becomes an animal, and does what animals do — goes back to nature. (Quora)

“I’m out. Peace.”

“Experimentation is the fine line between ignorance and understanding.”

It’s not like bullshit, more like poetry, you get it? (Neuromancer)

I prefer situations to plans, you see. (Neuromancer)

It was as real as this. — he said, looking around. — Maybe more.

There’s much more to systems modelling for you to discover if you are interested. One of the purposes of this book is to make you interested. Another is to make you able to do X even if your formal training begins and ends with this book.

Be open about your [mental] health. If they are worth being in your life, they will understand.

You are not wrong, but you are not 100% right.

I feel this post on a spiritual level

You forget whether or not you’ve taken your meds, BUT YOU NEED TO HAVE TAKEN YOUR MEDS TO REMEMBER.

“Competing in sports has taught me that if I’m not willing to give my 120%, someone else will.” — Warren Farrel

Your level of clarity regarding the issue is remarkable.

Ending it all leaves behind a horrible mess for the survivors.

Losing a loved one hurts far more than losing money or having your time wasted.

highschooler with a weak grasp of his essay topic and way too much access to a thesaurus

borderline debilitating

wake up with your car missing and an entire month missing from your memory

I love this feeling. Like we’re all living on different wavelengths

I think his talents lie outside of the textbook world

Both my parents are psychiatrists (well, fuck me, right?)

Not comparable with X at all.

end up with a woman of loose morals and questionable attractiveness lying next to you the next morning

Какие беды, спрашиваете? Ну, я от вас никогда ни полслова про соседей не слышала, а потому могу вам спокойно это дело доверить, по секрету, конечно.

He liked that very much, to be conscious and being unable to think

It’s all there. Or anyway all the parts of it you ever saw.

You’re born to run; what you’ve been doing in Chiba is the stripped-down version of what you’d be doing anywhere. (Neuromancer)

she was a very secretive woman, where she felt it was necessary

How many cat skeletons have you seen up in the trees?

I don’t think uninformed cynicism is really constructive here

“certain routines are well worth preserving if at all possible when everything about you is uncertain” — captain about being the last leaving a ship

It’s a fallacy to assume that a trend will end in it’s absolute. Most don’t. (About why decreasing religiosity doesn’t mean religion itself will ever die.)

We are both capable of calmly thinking within paradigms that aren’t ours.

many have done it, many have not found the way back (about drugs)

people are much more likely to go online to discuss failures than successes

ask harmless orthogonal question that reveal deepest assumptions

people don’t understand, but that’s okay, they don’t have to.

When you wear a hat like mine, manliness is a given.

When you’re the smartest person in the room, no one around can appreciate it, if you are the hottest, pretty much everyone understands the value, although they try hard not to appreciate it.

You can’t force experience on people

Then there are the nerd stereotypes they throw in my general direction and work hard to make seem true

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t teach me something new

It feels like I’m drunk and he’s sober

I’ve experienced a similar feeling, though certainly at a fraction of the intensity

one accepts directional correctness over full comprehension


guesstimating probabilities

I was at fault at 20 things I never knew mattered

Read Sun Tzu, Musashi, Lao Tzu, Tao of Pooh, Study Zen, study philosophy, psychology, math, biology, political science, game theory. Emotional Intelligence. Look for overlapping patterns between them, and you’ll understand how the world works.

“Daddy, how can we know that our life is not someone’s dream?” — what amazed me was that she was asking HOW can we know that, not whether it was true/possible. That was the only part she couldn’t figure out for herself.

Not doing X was one of the biggest regrets of my life. I’m not saying that it’s what you should do, but maybe it’s worth thinking about.

Respect. It’s the magic ingredient, yo.

There’s much more to learn in my lectures than what it takes to get an A.

  • As long as they use it for something important, like studying for another class, or sleeping.

He is testing how far he can go, if you don’t react, he will try more.

The reason we see more highly intelligent people with mental illnesses is that very intelligent people with mental illness are still in the world, their mental illness and still interacting, because their intelligence has some protection against their mental illness (sometimes).

“There is nothing I can say, but I love you, and I am here.”

Not nearly to the same extent as X, but in the same direction.

Avoid people who care that much about which language you speak. (About which language to learn when going to Kyiv)

If you don’t have a reason to live, help people who have a reason to live but have trouble doing it.

“I always factored my hourly rate into how I spent my time.”

No real physical system can grow forever

If there are local limits eventually there will be global ones?

The system is paying more attention to its play than it’s playing space.

Find a thesaurus. Look up everything for “awful”. Read it. Thrice.

“If you are going to jump, could you at least give me your wallet?”

“Were Harry and Hermione in a secret relationship” => “To what extent does the text support the idea that …” + “I don’t see textual support for it, but people read subtle things into literature all the time.”

It may very well be a terrible idea, which gives you the wonderful opportunity to let your child make a harmless mistake and learn from experience. … Your child is almost an adult, and you should be looking for opportunity to let her exercise autonomy in safe ways, not desperately clinging to the power you are about to lose.

I think you could probably get through without them, but it might be easier for you to get through with them.

I guess some people don’t believe that adults set the rules for their own relationships. They think they have to follow relationship rules handed down from some authority — society, family, church, whatever. Indeed, they think everyone has to follow those rules. They’ve decided poker is the only valid game. Anyone who claims to be playing gin rummy is cheating the system.

To “Hi” I replied “Hi, how can I help you?” — boom, instant business footing!

It’s nothing more than “X works for us, and this is how:”

Cultural belief systems can be deeply rooted in literature, law, and archetypes. But the first step in exploring them is, of course, recognizing them.

Not all polish people are racists, only about 80% of them are

If there’s a God, he has to be a man. No woman could or would want to f*ck stuff up like this.

The purpose of life is to trade the finite for the infinite.

Behavior is better controlled by environment than willpower.

Piles of information that may only serve to obscure the answers to the question at hand

You think she thinks you’re funny.

If being offended was the worst thing that happened in one day, the day must have been a good one.

Free speech means right to offend. But it doesn’t mean speech free of consequences.

In my opinion (largely wearing my lawyer hat)

Most pilots rarely think “I’m going to crash”, even when it’s the inevitable outcome. Most think along the lines of “What can I do next to make the most of what I have”

In a crisis situation (at least a recognizable one) …

The limited representation of my race in your classroom does not make me the voce of all Black People.

Magic: the consious movement of energy to achieve a desired outcome.

Son I didn’t work 100 hours a week for you to piss away your education on a two-bit job. That’s my life. Not yours. Go out there and be the best

In life you’ll encounter two types of people. Hammers and Nails. I intend on being a hammer

“Look. Life happens. That’s why you get two freebies. But if you use up your two freebies because you want to spend an extra few minutes with your significant other in the hall, then you won’t have one left when life happens.”


There is a shift from thinking of suicide as immoral or unthinkable to seeing it as a viable option over time.

Involve yourself only as far as you feel comfortable. Extending oneself can be a gratifying experience when kept within realistic limits.

“Into adolescence, I learned that drama was an antidote to boredom, and then I discovered alcohol, and for the next twenty years, lived in drinking and drama as well as bad relationships that enabled both. However, I do credit my intelligence with helping me to be a highly functional drunk (graduate school, PhD, jobs as a professor, and an ability to look good while under the influence).”

The tendency to enter intense unstable relationships

Nobody Has the Right to Make You Feel Bad About Living a Good Life

“He who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger.” —Japanese proverb

The fact that at that point I had accumulated more math Olympiad trophies than sex partners wasn’t lost on me.

When I write “Group X does thing Y” please read it as “Jacob has seen people he counts as belonging to Group X do things that look to him as Y”.

Каменный век закончился не потому, что закончились камни

Я помню, когда мне исполнился 21 год, мой папа мне сказал: «Если ты в этом году не выйдешь замуж, ты вообще потом не выйдешь», и я спросила его :«Почему?». Папа ответил: «Ты с 16 лет живешь одна, ты объехала уже полмира к своим 20. И ты познала слишком много свободы. Для женщины это опасно. Я не знаю, где найти тебе такого мужика, который мог бы тобой управлять. Он должен быть мудрым, взрослым, образованным, сильным. Он должен уметь поставить тебя на место, чтобы ты его уважала. Пока у тебя ещё играют чувства — надо выходить замуж и вместе идти своим путем. Иначе, мне придётся выдать тебя замуж за еврея лет 40, только у такого мужчины хватит мудрости с тобой справиться».

Автор не известен, но умен.

Once something is ubiquitous, however, game theory predicts that using the alternate strategy confers an advantage simply because it’s unexpected – the left-handed warrior will be fighting opponents who are unused to fighting lefties, the left-handed gatherer can dexterously reach fruits and eggs and other things that the righty might not be able to, etc. (Interestingly, lefty mothers very often still hold infants as if they were righties).

IMDB is not representative of the audience and is dominated by a group too young to have developed thoughtful tastes.

These are usually the kind of jobs that people get when they haven’t done anything super wrong, but can’t seem to get anything right. Since the military can’t fire them for cause, they get put onto the detail where they can do the least possible damage.

There’s not an embarassing photo of H. Even her mugshots were cute

Как говорится, хорошо быть одному, когда назавтра тебе есть кому рассказать о том, как тебе вчера было хорошо одному.

Если будешь колоть дрова сам, то согреешься ими дважды

We have almost 24/7 footage on the ISS on NASA TV, and I think 9 people watch it.

That’s what the antitrust laws do in theory and sometimes in practice.

Native american “potlatch”, a ritual in which those who have the most give many of their possessions to those who have the least. [..] This comes from simple morality, or from the practical understanding that those who see no hope could get frustrated enough to destroy the playing field.

Beware of symptom-relieving or signal-denying policies that do nothing to solve the root cause of the problem. If you are an intervenor, work in such a way to restore or enhance a system’s ability to solve it’s problems, then remove yourself.

Confusing effort with result, one of the most common mistakes in designing systems around the wrong goal. [..] You have something wrong happening when you see something stupid happening “because it’s the rules”.

The boats are so optimized around the present rules that they have lost all resilience. Any change in rules would render them useless.

This is one moment in your life where you’re surrounded by a lot of cool people, intelligent people that are around your age. (About college/university)

having my grandfather hug me after the first time I beat him at chess

If people constantly ask you if you’re ok, or if they want to know what’s wrong, it’s a pretty good indication that your not being your normal self.

Success to the successful loops.

Radical democracy.

The politicians who declared war got to spend it on the front lines [“That’s an old one” — google that to see where it does come from — AR]

And effective, if you can get the powers that be for it to happen (or make it happen anyway)

Learn microeconomics before graduating

“Stop being an asshat” is an insult. “Stop acting like an asshat” is constructive life advice.

The model to differentiate healthy from unhealthy (not normal from abnormal) is if the issue is distressing, or otherwise negatively interfering with the person’s life.

I got A’s because I worked towards the requirements of the classes, and hell I learned a lot of material that term, but I didn’t reach the kind of complete, conceptual understanding that forms a stable foundation for future classes.

We can only suggest ways that have worked in the past

“That’s an interesting point. Perhaps you should call a flight attendant and see what they suggest.”

Egill managed to not only compose the poem, but also to subtly mock his enemies using complex poetic forms that they barely understood,

The environmental influences on height, are very similar to those on intelligence.

You are NOT the following: More intuitive. More intelligent. A better lover. More perceptive. Just because you are a woman. You might be, but it isn’t because you were born with different junk.

Don’t put yourself out there as someone to be rescued or felt sorry for. Birds of a feather principle, if you want someone strong, be strong

The ability to turn deceivers into open enemies.

On the question of biology VS culture, look at the cultures around the world, what is different is cultural.

Finally – Think of debt to include Time debt and diverted attention, not just money.

If someone tells me leprechauns are real, I will require a reasonable amount of evidence before I believe this. If their “evidence” is that they saw leprechauns in a book, I’m going to be unimpressed. If it includes that their parents also believe in leprechauns because they saw them in a book too, I’ll still be unimpressed.

There’s no right “not to be offended” by other people.

Exploration and curiosity are the healthiest things in the world, and anyone making you feel otherwise is evil. There’s no such thing as sin.

I had medication from a previous doctor that I had been instructed to take “as needed, ” and my therapist said, “You need it now.”

It can be, doesn’t have to.

Praise other nearby children who are displaying appropriate behavior (“X and Y are cleaning quickly. Good job, you will be ready for snack”) + Frequent verbal cues to help the child understand positive expectations (“I spend time with students who are working”)

Someone with ADHD: No one wants or can do my job, I do everything that is a rush, VIP, boss wants answer now or something like this. I constantly change tasks every 5-10 minutes, but please, don’t give me 4 weeks to finish a report.

It’s the US responsibility to help China in whatever way China will allow

I tried letting out a “oh look I’m laughing at myself” laugh but it probably sounded more like the early stages of a stroke.

Finally, a chance to tell the story.

Probably the world would be a better place if more of us cried.

I am also a flight instructor. 20+ years ago, I had a student prone to crying. I saw it as 100% manipulation and I felt nothing. She would do her crying thing, then look up through the tears to see if it was having any effect. It wasn’t.

Live and learn.

All human thought is a set of footnotes to Plato.

Part of the joy of reading Plato for the third, fourth, fifth time is to see each time a bit more about what he is doing and why he is doing it, to come closer to appreciating his extraordinary genius and encountering ever more deeply this incredible mind

a strong sense of un-relatability to people who’ve had thoughtlessly easier lives.

American schools, as Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman complained decades ago, continue to make the mistake of thinking you can explain complex topics to children by starting with a simplified–but WRONG explanation.

There is no connection between a chemical being syntetic and toxic

” Eat food. Not too much of it. Mostly plants.” — simple real food, food your grandgrandfather would have recognized as food, not with chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Also I mentioned in a previous comment, once, a bit older, he asked his father what a virgin was. And his dad, (an adult with a weird or disturbing answer) replied, “it’s an airline son”.

regardless if you are buying work boots or dress boots get the best ones you can afford.

And chemicals aren’t inherently healthy or unhealthy. They’re determined healthy or unhealthy by what they do to our bodies. Not just cause they’re chemicals

As his legal representative and counsel, I’m afraid my client will be unable to either confirm or deny this statement in the present or near-future.

the step-mom theory has been brought up many times as a rebuttal. I addressed that point once and won’t bother addressing it again.

Ill tell you that I am deathly scared of dying in thought. But when it actually happens, its strangely relaxing…you sort of let go of everything, and you don’t even know it. The best way I can describe it to anyone is, its like going to sleep at night. Actually, its exactly like going to sleep at night. If you aren’t afraid of going to sleep, then you shouldn’t be afraid of dying. Everyone dies for 8 hours (or so) every day.

The Interstate highway system has made it possible to go from sea to shining sea without seeing anything.

Their focus can be trained to increase from periods of one minute or less to a focus which almost mirrors that of students without ADD.

Parenting with clear and consistent expectations and consequences

My experience of treatment (both behavioral therapy and medication) has been that it’s like putting on glasses when you’re nearsighted — suddenly, the whole world is in focus and you can see it the way everyone else does

I use the word as an adjective, not as a noun.

whose performance, in a potentially valuable area of human activity, …

so it seems desirable

great people make great teachers

Being persuasive isn’t arguing effectively; it’s not arguing at all.

Take social risks — change song lyrics, give a hug, tell a joke

How will you celebrate this?

I am not unfriendly, but I don’t seek out the company of others indiscriminantly.

I am far more concerned that the people I associate with should be of higher moral development (Kohlberg post-conventional) and kind, than that they be smart.

The Truth will set you free

Only a Being of infinite knowledge, power and wisdom could have ever thought up something like this. From quatum physics, to alternate dimensions, to the curvature of spacetime and metaphysics… I stand in awe at the sheer magnanimity and ingenuity of it all.

Is it a bad thing? Excuse me for sounding glib, but: only if it is a bad thing. In other words, there is nothing inherently wrong with sleeping the 8 hours you sleep.

Not all X are Y, but statistically it’s economically advantageous and safer to do X

Rational – yes, practical – possibly, moral – depends

I want to die because I haven’t achieved anything -> I want to live because I want to achieve something

No, I’m sorry, I’m tired of being diplomatic.

Facebook “friends” are just a security setting

Would like to hear back from you when the bad mood passes so I know you are ok.

Often times, problems are chimicals, you don’t have to blame yourselft about them but seek help please.

It reminds me of Feynman’s comment on resigning the National Academy of Sciences — he said that he saw no point in belonging to an organization that spent most of its time deciding who to let in.

I’m drunk too for no reason. Happy birthday too. I’m glad you’re here

That is, we do not walk around dressed in atheist suits and atheist shoes waving atheist banners, and being rude to believers.

Imagine what might be the “best possible outcome” and the “worst possible outcome” from crossing this boundary and from not crossing this boundary.

Many of my clients focus on … (== I work with … people)

“I’m a little uncomfortable bringing this up, but when you _\__, I felt ___.”

2016 Identity Politics caveat: graphic is formatted assuming you are a straight male.

Like a dandellion up through the pavement, I persist. Anyway. Still. Despite.

Just get into a relationship already so you can grow as a person

Life is what you make of the crazy, unpredictable bullshit it throws at you.

Nobody remembers the nice guy. If you want something in life, being nice is not enough. You aren’t an asshole anyway, so chill.

– The Asshole is somebody who LOOKS like they have many attractive qualities, but inside, they’ve nothing going on for them.

In other words, they know how to lie, deceive and cheat women into thinking that they make good boyfriends.

**If you have a conscience, you can’t win a manipulation contest against someone without one; **

Once it’s over, like a cat, they’ll just walk away. Let them. If you manage to anger them, you are in deep trouble.

One of the tricks the brain uses to “beat the world at its own game” is to find underlying causes and exploit them for survival advantage.

While I do keep stable boundaries of identity, I am very open minded and compassionate.

One of many quotes attributed to Einstein goes something like: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

the patient is in poor contact with reality

Markers of adult giftedness include a broad knowledge base that is highly interconnected and readily linked to new information.

It is common to observe a striking habit of self-monitoring and self-guidance, personal insight and metacognition.

discuss, explore, then discuss some more, from many angles and on several levels of meaning

X refers to any situation when Y

The answer is, unhelpfully, “it depends”

Depending on the disorder, the goal of therapy is to help the person manage their illness and achieve the highest level of functioning they are capable of

If you reference their emotional driver in a way they feel acknowledged, not agreed with, they will lean your way. You will feel them work with you on another level, level two.

Когда людям хорошо вдвоем, разве есть разница, как называются их отношения…

From an information standpoint it does not matter if the spirits are real or delusion, the information they generate is real and can be analyzed from a formal perspective.

There are no hard subjects, only missing prerequisites

Many of us were robbed of that blessing of love in our upbringing where performance was substituted for being. Conditional love was based on earning love as a commodity that had limits, rather than just a given.

The concept of “opposite” doesn’t apply to all things. The opposite to tall is short, the opposite of East is West. What is the opposite of square? It doesn’t work.

The way is simple but not easy

The whole experience had a weird metallic “you shouldn’t come back here again” type of feel about it.

“If I had a friend, it would be you.”

Twitter is a meritocracy. And if it isn’t, pretend it is

There are serious problems that can cause this, and there are serious problems that can be caused by this.

I taught this proof once in a graduate course. I’m not saying that the graduate students learned it, just that I taught it.

Start a relationship with yourself. No matter who else you are with, you’re always there with you. So be for YOU, what you’ve looked for in others to fulfill yourself.This is the core of self confidence, and self-sufficiency

Reassess that after I leave

You can’t post a long question because most long questions are not very reusable. They’re very personal and specific

Just because children go through stages where they can accommodate more “storms” doesn’t mean that is their new base level.

Everyone complaining about the health effects of the forever growing number of cellular sites has got it completely backwards. In fact the more sites, the lower the output power of both phones and towers.

You know how you know you’re in deep shit? When you go to the ER and dont have to sit in the waiting room. My mother tried to have me moved to another hospital (my dad just brought me to the first one he could think of) and the doc goes “lady, mrzimothy is not going anywhere. We operate in 10 minutes.”

A few weeks later, I asked my mom about what she’d done while she was waiting, and she mentioned that the surgeon had walked out and told her that I might die but he’d do everything he could.

My husband told me that when they told him about me going to the O.R. they gave him no sign of hope. Basically told him they are doing what they can but it doesn’t look good.

Once you are diagnosed, it is our duty to explain the possible treatments and prognosis, but we’ll never give you a certainty (even if you insist). We’ll stick to odds, rates, risks, and possibilities.

When someone says, “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings” or “I’m sorry if ….” I don’t consider any conditional apology (one with an if) to be an apology. But a sincere apology, spoken with sincerity by someone who did something wrong, often shows character and courage.

“13 restraining orders, all told, except I refuse to count the Guam one—that one was total bullshit.”

I considered it serious, but it was not an emergency.

We made each other a promise at our divorce that we would be the best ex-spouse either of us ever had – and we are keeping that promise. I think it’s called “maturity”

and if this boyfriend has a rotten character, he will soon give you enough rope to hang him by.

Rule #1 is never dating someone you aren’t attracted to physically, mentally, emotionally.

It wasn’t earth-shattering, but all in all it was a pretty standard Pleasant Evening

I prefer to see myself as open than as confused

I prefer to see myself as X than as Y

Never assume what you’re trying to prove

As a programmer, you’re hired to solve problems, not writing code

Скажи нам, Забар, слова души твоей. Ты уйдешь, а слова останутся.

Говоришь хорошо, врешь плохо

Сумасшедшие, что ли? Нет, брат, они артисты

Not something to be feared, but respected

А еще я люблю волю. Волю я люблю больше тебя.

Вся земля полна сетями, кто искустно и честно, кто грубо и подло.

The breakfast-lunch-dinner construct was made to suit our 9-5 pace of life, not our health.

My only intolerance is towards intolerant people.

Really, if it’s an issue, you didn’t belong there in the first place.

Determine what you are more interested in. Network Security? Hardware Security? Software Security? Data Security? Digital Forensics? Physical Security? Cryptography?

. The stories typically take the shape “80% of young Austrians are worried about their pensions” – amplifying the dominant sentiment rather than providing real arguments why the welfare state shouldn’t be safe in a country whose GDP and net national income grew in 29 out of 30 recent years.

It did not ‘cost’ you time, it’s just a part of learning to be human that everyone spends some time on

We’re not really friends, but she sees me as one

Что именно вкладывается в эти слова — неясно, но чувство вины тебе непременно навяжут.

Just because you have a bunch of characters, different narrators and voices and locations, doesn’t mean you’ve told a complete tale.

My grandfather was a scientist and a devout athesist. My grandmother told me she believed in a God for both of them. That’s love. Good luck to you..

I would suggest spending some time reading so as not to attempt to reinvent the wheel with lower quality materials.

At some point, the ability to get out of the way trumps bullet resistance

  1. Interrupt the count when playing with a friend rock paper scissors, by asking a personal question. Immediately after they answer, resume the count like nothing has happened. Most times, the friend will throw the scissors as an automatic defense mechanism.

  2. Jinxing the Winning Streak: In sports, if a friend is really engrossed in their game and you are trying to mess them up, ask “Wow, you are really good at blah what are you doing to affect it?” or something close to that. They will start to over think and soon start to lose more often.

Humans are incredibly peaceful, at least when compared to animals. Our success in this is what has led to the rapid expansion of our population. We ourselves are never satisfied with our civilization, and that is why we keep on making it better. The advances of the last few centuries have been amazing. (a few years ago having a black president was considered so futuristic that about half the presidents in science fiction movies were depicted as black).

Save earth! It’s the only planet with chocolate!

Moderation and variety are the best drug

Man, how can you get an orgy on acid while I can’t even get a conversation

Be safe, stay strong, and for the love of God, try not to die.

“Elementary” in the sense that you didn’t need specialized knowledge to solve, but certainly not elementary in the sense of being easy

un-diagnosed sub-clinical Aspies

I hate it when people die in airplanes, don’t you? So much paperwork.

He later said about psychedelic drug use, “If you get the message, hang up the phone.”

For sake of argument, take the Wikipedia definition: Racism is…

I find it a little difficult to say what the subject matter of this seminar is going to be, because it’s too fundamental to give it a title. I’m going to talk about what there is.

Земля круглая, уроды.

Therefore, there point of mystical texts is not to promote a world-view, but rather to try and capture in words the experience of God.

It has its own sacredness about it without religiosity. Respect without melancholy.

Don’t bother trying to avoid foods with formaldehyde. It would break my heart if you stopped eating fruit.

indications that a related problem truly is solved for any reasonable definition of “solved”.

Enabling is any behavior, attitude, or action which assists in removing or minimizing the consequences for another person.

Paradigms only change when new concepts arise that can’t be rejected or assimilated

Why do you want to kill yourself = what might you feel your suicide would help you to do?

I’m seriously worried about you and I’d like to call the paramedics… What is your number/address? Is there anyone there with you?

Many survivors mistake a triggering event such as divorce as a cause.

“Why would we fire you? We just spent $10, 000 teaching you a lesson.”

This is implied in the previous tenet, but it’s worth laying out explicitly

“cambodia is great because there is nobody to hassle you about whatever you want to do. but at the same time, there is nobody to help if you are being hassled.”

We were poor and didn’t know it, possibly a bit malnourished and didn’t know it.

“When I was at Microsoft, I said to Bill…”

It was nice, as hospitals go

A friend came up from Paris with a bottle of wine, warm socks, chocolate drops she made in her restaurant. My daughter ate the chocolates. I put the socks on. We opened the wine.

is the first discussion I had with my new family doctor. “Are you on board with the whole killing me when it’s the right time thing?” Sure, he said, your oncologist already asked me that before choosing me.

While the books on a person’s reading list suggest something about who they are, the books that are missing may say something about who they are not.

The dose is low but not negliglible

Apologies if that is obvious

Is AA ineffective? Is AA counterproductive? Does AA hinder or help recovery? would, to my way of thinking, be more appropriate questions and perhaps generate better answers. [instead of ‘Is AA bad?’]

benefitting from shared similarities

  1. Open up folded arms: You walk into an into an interview. The interviewer is sitting with his hands folded. Hand over him your CV printout. He will be more open to new ideas when his hands are extended than when they remain folded.

Not a universally-held belief, but it’s breathtakingly common

Positivity spreads, cynicism helps nothing

Not working independently on your career during uni is a mistake

Who’d have thought £10, twelve hours, and a shit load of classical music could overcome a lifetime’s worth of depression? (About LSD)

You need patience, massages and magnesium citrate.

he loves math and has taught it to middle schoolers (all teachers have a special place in heaven),

Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.

Don’t tell my Mom I’m an economist. She thinks I’m a pianist in a brothel.

No one dies on a plane. This may sound implausible, but it’s true . There is no one authorized to declare a person dead aboard most civil aircraft.

“Oh. So you’re from the state that thinks it’s the only state in the country that thinks it’s the only country in the world.”

Failure is a fertilizer

finally, we execute the final plan as a physical manifestation in the real world;

This is a dramatization, not a courtroom transcript

Life is an experiment and you are an experimenter, trying different things and tactics to solve everyday problems. When you succeed, you are validated, but when you fail, you learn something that you didn’t know before.

Looking worse than the waiters there

Two deaths in one night is two too many

Best day to arrive at most hotels is a Sunday early in the month. The vacation travelers have left or are leaving and the business travelers haven’t yet arrived, so you’ll get a better selection of rooms. Incidentally, if you’re looking to visit a particular location but don’t know when you should go, phone up the hotel and ask them what their slow season is, or when they would recommend you visit. They’ll know what the slow season is — that’s vacation season for them!

Hotel chefs revealing where they eat

Learn to create systems for tasks you repeat often

I wish I could remember exactly what I said, because it was quite zen and rather good natured.

“that is unfair and disrespectful, ” or “don’t talk to me that way.” You can leave the room or the house if you are being attacked or criticized. When you do those things, you make it clear that you’re not trying to “win, ” you just refuse to be a target of abuse.

Switching abstraction levels during programming

Reflection is the ultimate habit. “How’d that last hour go? What could I have done better? What do I want to try next time?” Reflection leads to all the other habits.

I do not recommend this diet, but I know for a fact that it can be done.

If you order the Extra Big Coffee with cherries on top, your next date is going to be a free ferry ride with homemade sandwiches and coffee from a thermos.

Lack of self-confidence revealed by frequent use of the phrase “able to” when describing a capability. If you’ve actually done something significant, then say what you did.

This is a minor example, but one I could use because the legalities are in order. Things can be far worse, but this one was fun, if it happened.

I still have the entire chat, and I have so much on him, while he knows essentially nothing useful against me.

I sometimes get questions about my ability to X, but in my opinion it’s a prerequisite for Y.

A talent a writer must possess is to … three dimensional characters, not some stereotypes.

X is common in Y, but it’s not caused by Y, otherwise all the people with Y would have X

Instead this is a hypothetical circumstance, that may or may not have happened as it is written here. The people, is they exist may have different names and or genders. That is all I am willing to provide.

  1. A post-MBA career goal that has no apparent connection to or grounding in the applicant’s past or present personal, academic or professional life.

Personality disorders are diagnoses that have as part of the diagnostic criteria certain personality traits. Asking what is the difference between them, is like asking what is the difference between “ingredients” and “a recipe.”

It was one of those late summer, early autumn nights in NYC where anything was possible. The streets were alive and people had plans. The air was complex and misty. It smelled like the aftermath of a concert. There was an orange glow to everything. Perhaps it was from the streetlights. Or maybe it was the omnipresent charge of NYC energizing everyone and everything through its sheer presence. At least that’s how it seemed to me after having just arrived here the night before.

Columbus discovered the New World as much as the meteorite discovered the dinosaurs

I’ve heard that when they do security checks through Interpol for visa applications, you have a better chance of being permitted in as a murderer or a rapist than a shoplifter.

Watching what really happens, instead of people’s theories of what happens, …

… it keeps you from falling too quickly into your own beliefs or misconceptions, or those of others

In good shape for the shape I’m in

The good news, this is normal. The bad news, this is normal.

God is beyond any description. He/ She is everything and boring, at the same time. Hence the correct answer to “What or Who is God?” Is silence. And maybe an accompanying smile.

I am here to live well, not long

Probably no one can be certain. But I offer you my opinion.

A growing curiosity in Transhumanism and Neohumanity.

My love is not for technology, Artificial Intelligence, business or design. Not specifically. Simply for thinking and complex design.

According to multiple, peer-reviewed studies, simply being in an open network instead of a closed one is the best predictor of career success.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.

I think colonialism sucked, but I took no part in it, and my ancestors were not on this continent at the time most of this was going on.

There is nothing ethically wrong with choosing to not push yourself so hard. But you might not enjoy the outcome.

They do not conform to the system, and they have not learned to use it to their advantage.

A paradigm shift in an individual can happen in a millisecond. Whole societies are another matter, they resist challenges to their paradigms harder than they resist anything else.

It turned out to have more worth than we had thought, but not in the way we had thought.

They are understandable only in the most general way. They are inherently unpredictable, they are not controllable.

It has nothing to do with him. I just don’t do it.

I would rather fix the problem than hear about it.

I am going to make them pay for that choice

Among people who grant recognition to the concept, it’s usually called X

Thank {$higher power of your choice} that you did not ingest the pills

Perhaps the worst thing about depression is the feeling it gives you that what you have is not a real problem, that it’s all in your head, that it’s your fault, that things would be so much easier if you just weren’t around

Your brain is trying to kill you. That’s not making a mountain out of a molehill, that’s an emergency.

The last person I saw that depressed is dead

“Does that make sense?” Did it ever.

Talking to someone in crisis: Ask simple questions. Repeat them if necessary, using the same words each time.

i’d rather go commune with the grass than go talk to my neighbor.

My number one bit that I measure people by is this. Will they willingly and knowingly tell a lie? Will they intentionally misinform someone else for any reason beyond say a birthday surprise? White lies with innocuous goals that intend a greater good to the recipient of the falsehood are ok.

But here’s the gauge to determine if it’s ok: Will the person, upon later knowing the truth, be glad that they weren’t told.

Hacking is a mindset, not a learnable skill

Allow the stupid to cleanse the weak

The Planck length is not the smallest distance, its merely the smallest distance over which measurements make sense.

dress as sharp as the situation allows

This is my mom. She wrote all the books she’s holding on her lap and made all the sculptures you see around her. The words I use to describe her – a life force, a creator, indomitable, tireless, powerful – are all things I aspire to be, and all the things I wish for you and the people that you love.

Their marriage may be inferred (and was by later authors), but it is not made explicit in either text.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to work with emotions, that is to know what the other side feels, by name or by feeling it doesn’t matter.

What you need to understand is that “genius” is not about seeing the world differently, but about seeing the world differently AND being able to explain/prove it.

We are not rebels. We don’t go against the system because a system is there to go against, we just do what we want, regardless of the side of the fence upon which it sits.

My best understanding on the subject is that a person’s upper limit is genetically determined, but most people do not reach that upper limit. Poor nutrition, poor physical health, poor mental health, general lack of pushing themselves to really use and expand their brain’s abilities, etc. keep people from reaching their full intellectual potential.

There is intrinsic dignity in a job well-done and shame to anyone who looks down on it.

except that having both halves makes the banking system much happier, since it prevents some particularly stupid counterfeiting attempts.

As she grows in skill, the psychological healer becomes intimately familiar with her own madness.

I never felt like I miss someone, even though I like their presence, I am not dependant in it.

There is no marginal cost to selling one extra copy of software you have already developed

It’s not rude to ask, but asking sends a very specific message, and you have to be sure it’s the one you want to send.

It is clear that the Quora Board of Directors could be adding more value to the company than they are. [diplomacy]

If this is not a clear signal that Quora places no value on my participation, it is indistinguishable from one.

Quora management does listen, but it has its own priorities

When in doubt, ask questions

This is a bold claim, but I stand be­hind it: if you learn and fol­low these five ty­pog­ra­phy rules, you will be a bet­ter ty­pog­ra­pher than 95% of pro­fes­sional writ­ers and 70% of pro­fes­sional de­sign­ers. (The rest of this book will raise you to the 99th per­centile in both categories.)

Things successful INTPs do:

— do not procrastinate

— /consistent/ hobbies and activities

— eat well, sleep well, and exercise

— do not procrastinate

— be aware of their own emotions

— do not procrastinate

The mask is a power position, they don’t know what you’re capable of

It is something to learn about and operate within its parameters

This can certainly be done, but I don’t think it’s what you’re asking. I think what you’re looking for is …

An INTP arguing a point may very well be trying to convince himself as much as his opposition.

People will pay you to tell them what they already think

What happened to the towers is all very much within the realm of what seems highly probable

I have no need to persuade them. I don’t care what they think.

Look for dropped money every time I walk by the liquor store.

Она будет одинаково уместна и чувствовать себя “как рыба в воде” и на официальном приеме в высшем обществе и в КПЗ на допросе следователя.

it was a mind that understood some things a decade too soon, and other things a decade too late.

For me personally, astrology can be very important: I won’t date anyone who believes in it.

rare but not unprecedented

]“Hi Chase.” I said confidently, scared to death.

Your network is your net worth

Learn Cooking. It might not help up with earning money but it will help you save it.

The Middle Class manifesto aka 8 point plan to mediocrity:
Avoid risks of all types.
Starting a business is not for you. The upper classes will always win. Strive to be the top executive in someone else’s business.
“Fight” for the good causes, but don’t get on the streets.
Own a home and take an annual vacation. Let Real estate be your primary investment.
Study hard. Education and the degrees are the ticket to riches.
Stick with your peer group. Don’t do something wacky.
Stay off politics and any other kind of trouble. If you must enter politics, stay off the core.
Neither commit crime nor be the one to clean it up. Act as though you are no way related to crimes around you.

Maximum overlap between reality and perception of reality

  1. Celebrate other people’s success and you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

Imagine that on Monday afternoon your doctor gets the bloodwork results from your recent checkup and sees possible early signs of cancer. Most people would want to know about the doctor’s assessment as soon as possible. They might even say the doctor has an ethical responsibility to share that information. But what if the doctor knows she’ll be getting a more detailed results the next day that can confirm or deny her concerns? Add in that caveat, and now it seems that maybe a doctor shouldn’t scare the hell out of her patients until she has the facts she needs – especially if it only means waiting another day or two. But does that preference change yet again if the results won’t be ready for two more weeks?

When to Hold onto Information

If the following conditions are met, it may be better to hold off explaining a new problem to your manager:

The situation does not require immediate intervention (i.e. no laws broken, no lives at risk, no bank accounts being drained, etc.)
You’re waiting on additional information that will make the scope of the issue clear
You control the flow of information, and your audience won’t learn about the issue from other sources
It’s possible that the situation can be fixed soon, allowing you to communicate both the problem and solution together
You suspect there may be related problems lurking that should be disclosed together

The mistake I made for a lot of time was doing X the Y way. Z made me realize that it’s suboptimal.

Learn to find everything interesting; travel; read; talk to people; create projects

You win some,you lose some

If you don’t understand people, they become arbitrary

Ask questions, then ask more questions. If something is happening that you don’t understand, ask why. Then ask why that is. Then go away and research alternatives, and propose them.

Don’t just challenge others, challenge yourself. Never written a web app? Write one. Never done python? Hijack UAVs with python.

Own something. Create something. Doesn’t have to be a technical project, could be an event, like a meetup or a hackathon, could be a game, a website, a blog. Teach something. Java, public speaking, writing, chess, vim, tennis.

Regularly do something for your team. Bring in cookies. Teach a magic trick. Cultivate a bit of culture and encourage others to do the same. Only praise other peoples’ contributions. A cohesive team is hard to beat.

I sometimes practice a minute of mindfulness meditation during work. It increases clarity SOOO much!

Your chances of survival decrease with each line you are closer to enemy. You are too poor to get any medical attention, your most valuable possessions are pieces of armour and your boots which you stole from some dead guy few days ago.

Four of them will not read the dress code and they will rock up wearing random colours. Due to the laws of chance, at least one of the four will be sporting a white garment anyway.

Never spend more than 9/10 of what you earn each month, so you’ll always be increasing your wealth.

Think of money as streams, not fixed amounts

Make yourself live below your income level, and use the difference to invest in your future

I think his exact number, 5%, may be a little low, but the sentiment is right.

Risks are the enemy of success: No. /Stupid/ risks are the enemy of success.

I believe he is warning against the Coffee Shop fallacy. IE, you may like coffee, but if you think running a coffee shop is a good way to enjoy/experience coffee, you are unlikely to be in business long.

If you think that X, please explain this, %nickname%.

So what would you do if a price of a stock that you just bought at $40 declined to $30. Sell it and cut losses? Buy more? That’s a tricky question, because the fact that the price decreased doesn’t say anything about the outlook. If you decided to cut your losses it probably was due to loss aversion. The question that you would need to ask is what changed regarding the outlook and are the reasons, due to which you decided to buy the asset in the first place, still in place

“It’s okay to work eight hours a day for someone else. Just work eight hours a day for yourself too… and twelve hours a day on the weekends.”

Dont be like everyone else and work for a boss. Working for someone else is like living at home with your parents. They tell you what to do, pay you an allowance, let you out for lunch and pat you on the head if you are well behaved.

If you really want to live and fully experience individuality in your lifetime, you need to run your own business. Take on the risks involved, make your own decisions and reap the full rewards. There is no substitute.

The poor manipulate time to get money, The rich manipulate money instead. ( !!!)

If a typical person gets a $50k annual raise at work, their first response is “Now we can afford …”. A wealthy person or a person with a rich person’s understanding of money would say “We’ve been living ok on the salary we had before the raise. Let’s invest the new money so we can retire earlier.” Read “The millionaire next door” for more insights

Necessary? No. Inevitable consequence? Yes.

I don’t know how many times I’ve offered the standard definition of atheism shared by most 21st century atheists, “atheism is the lack of belief in any god or gods, ” and had the Christian tell me, “No, that’s an agnostic. An atheist believes God does not exist.”

The social rule is: Each side gets to define what it stands for. So don’t try to tell me what I do and don’t believe. That’s insupportable arrogance, and you’ll just end up looking bad.[4, 5]

All this means is I have a mood disorder with some aspects to my reality no one else experiences.


There are probably 100 flavors of Sufism and of course many other paths too. Find one that speaks to your soul and go deep with it.

Otherwise, rather than coming off as narcissistic for thinking of your data as important? You come off as narcissistic for thinking only of yourself, and not of anyone else’s rights, only of yourself and not of what your contribution should be to support the democratic society that maintains your freedoms.

Beliefs on basic levels come from what we are taught when our minds are super susceptible. That is, when we are young. That’s why most people stay with their parents religion and politics. It sets up a lens, a kind of filter with which to see life through. It creates what we call a confirmatory bias. Ones beliefs filter out what one doesn’t want to believe. It’s self-reinforcing.

Instead of focusing on your major, ask yourself what problems you want to help solve, and then acquire the skills you need to help solve them.

Luckily it’s an American carrier that got hit – meaning that the Americans can cross all their own subs of the list – rapidly making the list of suspects very much shorter.

Avoid making major life decisions until you’ve thought about them in a good period and a down period. If something seems like a good idea no matter where you are on your swing, it’s probably a good idea. If something seems like a good idea only when you’re up, it may be a good idea that you’re not capable of following through with on your own. If something seems like a good idea only when you’re down, it’s probably a bad idea.

He gave me a simple, straightforward, and I think very profound answer. He asked me where would you be if you didn’t struggle every day, if you didn’t fight to move forward? He was basically saying how much worse off, how much further back, more down, would you be if you didn’t push forward against all the difficulties in your life?

Drink coffee like water

Considered X by most objective and subjective standards

If I meet a potential employee or salesperson who understands these two things and can clearly articulate how they will help me improve them…

People remember stories, not facts and figures

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

“Just a tip of advice. Never write on both sides of the sheet when you are sending a letter to a busy man.” –Jack London, Letter to Louis Stevens, March 24, 1913

This test is not infallible, if you think that your result is wrong you are right and this test is wrong.

Only do work, spend time with people, or live in places that you are proud of. Do you think that job will help you achieve your goals? Is that person a positive force in your life that supports and challenges you? Is that home/city/country supportive of your needs? Seek out the yeses.

Her life’s pace is slower, focused on practice, dedication, and social relationships. She works harder, but she’s happier than I am.

“My point on happiness is that X”

Not having to work at 26 is incredibly boring. You need a sense of purpose to be happy

Human kidneys can only make urine that is less salty than salt water. Therefore, to get rid of all the excess salt taken in by drinking seawater, you have to urinate more water than you drank. Eventually, you die of dehydration even as you become thirstier.

Anarchy works wonderfully in a small group of individuals with a high level of trust. Everyone at GitHub has full access and permission to do whatever they want.

CBT works great on the people it works great on. CBT does not defire depression, it just treats the depression it treats

Depression does not require a physiological cause to be outside of the person’s ability to control. If this is hard to understand, consider a child who is lost in the desert, who has a fully gassed up helicopter, but doesn’t have the skills to fly it. That child could die, right next to the vehicle that could rescue it, just for lack of knowledge.

That said, you don’t mention how you came to hear about this information. Start by assuming it is not true. Tell him what you heard, and ask him what the truth is.

This is a vernacular definition that has developed into a stereotype.

“Yale. 4.3 GPA. 180 LSAT. Captain of the rowing team.” “Princeton. 4.2 GPA. 179 LSAT. White House Intern and Olympic Silver Medalist.” “Louis, this is the reject pile.”

Basically: don’t question a gay or bisexual person’s sexuality, they have that covered for themselves. :(

Pretty much the only constant across all denominations of Christianity — the essential, defining characteristic of Christianity, if you like — is the belief that Jesus of Nazareth is the messiah. (It should be noted that there’s plenty of disagreement over what it means to be the messiah.)

When I was a kid and my mom took us museums she would always allow us to choose what we wanted to take home (hypothetically, of course.)

I am really not trying to be rude – honest. It is an interesting question but I am trying to highlight why it is not a useful one. Anybody can come up with their own theories about the nature of reality and where we came from, and nobody can really say that it’s 100% impossible, because we simply have no clue of what’s outside our universe. But the more incredible and fantastical the theory, the more profound the evidence needed to support it.

It’s an interesting question but not an useful one

That there are two sides to every story is a lie (two sides couldn’t quite cover any story)

Keep making games. Have lots of good stuff to show when you graduate.

It turns out, the trick is to reach for healthy foods when you’re hungry long enough to create a habitual response in the brain.

it would not be unreasonable to assume that the animals had come here to die. In reality they came to this place to try and survive but didn’t make it.

  1. Have maps and charts in your head so that you never have to refer to them outside your head again. Do not just know states and capitals. Learn where each one is on the map one by one, and keep this whole map in your head. You will never flounder again. When they talk about the states in the news, guess what? Everything they say will go into the place on the map. Soon, you will have an organized brain with all this information together and laid out. You will be extremely intelligent and will be able to start to see connections of how and where things happen in relationship to each other. Do this with the world map as well (very very important) and with the Table of Elements. Any map or chart that is very important. These I mentioned above are natural elements of the universe and space we live in, so that is why I mention them as being critical. If you can have a visualized table of elements in your head and understand the basics of each element, you will be well on your way to learning about the whole universe.

The ruling class are the ones in the the know. They run things and understand why things happen as they do. They keep society moving forward. They aren’t aware of and can’t stop individuals in the other classes from doing what their doing, but they aren’t part of the grand scheme of what the ruling classes are up to. So there is different levels and depths of what is going on

Now, with a gps system it’s harder I find to remember- your brain automatically just goes into slave mode of following directions.

If you know someone who’s addicted to heroin/prescription painkillers (opiates), try not to judge them too harshly. They want out WAY more than you want them to stop, but options are limited and it’s terrifying to have to admit to people that you have a problem.

“Keeping options open” often means “not being successful in anything”

It’s been ages since I’ve seen Paris by night

So, everybody is pretty calm for a couple of minutes until the stewardesses began the crash positions talk. I was very calm and reassured my daughter that everything would be fine. HOWEVER, from our seats in the front row we could see into the galley where the two most senior stewardesses were openly sobbing and praying over a Rosary. Holy crap, this was serious.

People shoot signs for the following reasons:

  1. They are intoxicated and the sign exists.

Fortunately since there are practically no guns among the majority of the Japanese population, a teenager who has gotten ahold of one is a bit like my dog when he is chasing squirrels. Neither one of them is quite sure what to do once they get one

Maya Angelou once said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Chase was a paranoid schizophrenic, but his behavior is not indicative of what to expect from someone with this condition.

My wife is quite a bit smarter than I am. She is also more educated that I am. Frankly, I’m happy she talks to me at all.

I think the best response is “They fired me because of this reason, and I learned from that experience that I needed to improve in areas X, Y, and Z”. Spin it as a learning and maturing process that has improved you.

Mit allen Vor -und Nachteilen…

(Please add “in my opinion” in the necessary places. I’m too lazy.)

When children have not been given the blessing properly, (safe, wanted, belong here, have purpose, lovable, and loved) they are not secure inside. They believe there is something inherently wrong with them. It codes as needing to perform in order to be acceptable in order to have that value.

“One does to others what one does to one’s self.”

Region coding enables copyright holders to (attempt to) prevent a DVD from …

The winner between the alligator and the bear is determined by the terrain

Telling the truth == sharing your perception of an event

Most people don’t have the skills to tell the truth, since it requires verbal ability that not many have

Nothing that I can discover requires the existence of even a single actual unicorn. I can prove that there is no reason to suppose there is a unicorn in any room in the universe, but I cannot verify this by listing the contents of every room.

With the deity gone, the head of the temple will take control

Don’t bother trying to change yourself—ever. Change happens as a result of experiences that leave an emotional impact. Any effort to try to change yourself rests upon the implicit idea that you’re somehow not good enough and need to improve which is thoroughly draining and unnecessary. You’re just fine as you are, and you don’t need to focus on trying to change yourself because in the course of living your life you’ll have experiences from which you’ll grow, and you don’t need to analyze, dissect, and plan the self-change, self-improvement process. It’s just unnecessary. Growth comes naturally. If you learn things that are beneficial to you, you’ll internalize, and grow without consciously forcing the change. You’ll notice yourself acting differently than you used to act, and that’s how growth is reflected, much more so than via a conscious effort

I understand this is a topic of different opinions. I’m just sharing mine.

I am not comfortable using a handful of strategically-chosen, sloppily-cited statistics from organizations that I know have an agenda–even if I happen to agree with their agenda.

Все ведь уже считают нормой, что человек, получающий N денег, тратит их все, чтобы рисоваться на 2N денег

The most important lesson I’ve learned in life is to play the long game.

The reflex of materialists is to tell you it is just a fairy tale. This is well-meant, but it is not accurate. It is more dangerous than believing. At least if you believe it is a jinn, you can deal with it. You do not defeat the jinn. You embrace it. You unweave it. You accept what it is telling you as information and you decide the best way to deal with that information. You decide because you are the lord of your mind: all the jinns, and all else. You are sovereign, if you know it to be true. I say that it is. It is true.

wüsste ich auch gerne

You: “No, but I do have experience with Y. I’ve looked into X briefly, and it seems to be pretty similar to Y, which I got really good at during my last position. There appear to be a lot of common principles between X and Y, which I find pretty fascinating.”

It saddens me, but doesn’t surprise me, how many answers here buy into the fact that you /should/ feel guilty about it

So one night I got pretty drunk, not an excuse just a fact.

Desire for power – not usually over people but over situations, which often involves the manipulation of people. We control situations.

Sociopaths are not sadistic. Sadistic sociopaths, however, are.

Flash — that X Y that everybody hates to need

intersubjectivity = when something is subjectively true to me and at least someone else. Allows me to make stronger knowledge/truth claimss

pseudoscience has shown no growth since its inception

In my experiences, privilege is often something people don’t realize they have, until they don’t have it anymore.

Boeing is far more focused on their customers and their customer’s customers from the very beginning

  1. The key predictor of a supervisor’s ability to guide a postgraduate to completion is a good record of having done so

I was lucky to come from a union family where my father taught me that my brain was just another team asset for another sort of heavy lifting. It didn’t make me “better” than anyone else.

I wrote a cover letter and resume and said, “No one has all of these skills, [you are looking for a purple squirrel — this term didn’t exist], but I can learn anything faster than most anyone, and more to the point, I can communicate needs between groups of professionals in a development environment who don’t share vocabulary, so if you hire me, I can work with all these different specialties.” Something like that.

But it is sad. In some countries (I’ve eaten in many restaurants in France and Italy) the waiters are considered professionals; they are respected, and admired. Children of waiters aspire to be waiters when they grow up.

Splitting plates or asking for an extra plate instantly signals that the tip will be significantly smaller.

As someone who has dated some pretty incredible women, I can tell you that gorgeous girls mostly go out with assholes because they are the only ones who aren’t afraid of them. What you need to know is that those women are starved for authentic conversation and normal human interaction. It may seem bizarre to you, but they’re still human. They’re even more scared of you than you are of them.

**“Anything of deliberate excess is always compensating a lack somewhere.” **

If the user had obtained any philosophical or metacognitive methods of thinking during the earlier stages of amphetamine use, those same metacognitive methods begin to eat away at the person’s psyche.

Hitler was not democratically elected, but he did reach power through democratic means

users of mental health services

Did the children really determine that global warming will be harmful to their future (incidentally, I do think it will be), or are they simply acting on the authority of their parents? I have never been comfortable with people protesting because they believe in some authority, even if that authority is me.

One of our groomsmen summed them up perfectly: “I tried to pet your cats. But the fat one was hiding behind the mean one.”

Cats don’t get attached to their owner like dogs. Cats get attached to their owners like /cats/.

Since I reject the premise and framing of your question, let me address the confusion separately.

is the rejection of gods based on a lack of both evidence and a logically consistent framework for the claims to potentially make any sense,

if you have two Jews, you have three opinions.

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.