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10 Dec 2021

qtile scripting through callables; switching to specific layout

Qtile scripting

Scripting Commands — Qtile 0.1.dev50+ga708c8c.d20211209 documentation has a lot more interesting stuff than the ones exposed through “vanilla” config, finally figured out how to use them:

def test(qtile):

# ...
Key([mod, ctrl], "apostrophe",  lazy.function(test))

It’s in the docu1 but I missed its significance on first read, then saw hints in a github config2.

The qtile object passed as the first argument is exactly the QTile from scripting.

Qtile switching to a layout by id

To parametrize it, you have to let it return a callable function:

def switch_to(ly_id: int):
    def cb(qtile):
    return cb

# ...
Key([mod, ctrl], "apostrophe",  lazy.function(switch_to(0))), 

More fun with qtile scripting

I don’t see this mentioned in the docu, but the attributes can be found in the source of libqtile.core.manager — Qtile 0.1.dev50+ga708c8c.d20211209 documentation.

  1. Lazy objects — Qtile 0.1.dev50+ga708c8c.d20211209 documentation ↩︎

  2. ↩︎

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