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10 Aug 2022

Huggingface utils ExplicitEnum python bits

In the Huggingface source found this bit:

class ExplicitEnum(str, Enum):
    Enum with more explicit error message for missing values.

    def _missing_(cls, value):
        raise ValueError(
            f"{value} is not a valid {cls.__name__}, please select one of {list(cls._value2member_map_.keys())}"

… wow?

(Pdb++) IntervalStrategy('epoch')
<IntervalStrategy.EPOCH: 'epoch'>
(Pdb++) IntervalStrategy('whatever')
*** ValueError: whatever is not a valid IntervalStrategy, please select one of ['no', 'steps', 'epoch']

Was MyEnum('something') allowed the whole time? God I feel stupid.

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.