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17 Mar 2023

matplotlib labeling pie-charts

python - How to have actual values in matplotlib Pie Chart displayed - Stack Overflow:

def absolute_value(val):
    a  = numpy.round(val/100.*sizes.sum(), 0)
    return a

plt.pie(sizes, labels=labels, colors=colors,
        autopct=absolute_value, shadow=True)

Can be also used to add more complex stuff inside the wedges (apparently the term for parts of the ‘pie’).

I did this:

def absolute_value(val):
    a  = int(np.round(val/100.*np.array(sizes).sum(), 0))
    res = f"{a} ({val:.2f}%)"
    return res

for this: 2023-03-17-170947_413x206_scrot.png

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