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07 May 2023

Zotero basics and group syncing

  • After playing with it for an hour or so: Zotero is freaking awesome
  • Sync
    • If you add an account (in Preferences), all groups you’re part of will be synced after you click the sync green thing top-left1
      • even if you enabled “automatic sync” through Preferences
  • Adding/importing
    • Adding by DOI (“Add items by identifier”) is wonderful
      • Works for DOI, ISBN, arxiv ID, and other IDs I never heard of
    • Bibtex “Import from clipboard” is magic for the items that don’t have a DOI/ISBN/… (incl. direct arxiv links!)
    • You can add links to files online, and attach local copies of files
      • There’s also “Find available PDF”! Wow!
  • notes and highlights; PDF viewer
  • Taxonomy
    • Items have
      • tags (auto-completed; really nice search interface)
      • related items/files
        • symmetrical relationship, being related works both ways
    • Nested collections work as expected (~ nested categories, parent shows all items belonging to all it’s descendants)
    • Advanced search exists and is about as expected
      • good support for ALL THE METADATA FIELDS
      • no support for regex :(
      • you can save useful searches
  • Addons/Plugins
    • Info and link to full list: Plug-ins and Integrations
    • Zutilo3 is an addon for macros/shortcuts, found it when looking for a shortcut for “add items by identifier”
      • “Lookup item by identifier”, now <C-N> for me.
      • It’s awesome: 2023-05-07-163346_1436x1052_scrot.png
    • “Better Bibtex”4 allows exporting as bibtex
    • Zotero Robust Links for archiving links with Web Archive and friends
    • Integrations
      • Overleaf Zotero integration is a Premium Overleaf feature
  • Other features
    • “Timeline” is neat but not too useful right now: 2023-05-07-200051_1000x700_scrot.png
  • Misc
  • TODO
    • zotero:// links don’t work for me, and the default .desktop file they provide seems broken - TODO later
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