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15 May 2023

Seaborn setting titles and stuff through matplotlib's axis .set() function

For titles I was using sns.histplot(..).set(title="My title"), but I couldn’t find any documentation for that .set() function in the seaborn docu.

Seaborn’s FAQ (“How can I can I change something about the figure?”) led me here: matplotlib.axes.Axes.set — Matplotlib 3.7.1 documentation

It’s actually a matplotlib function!

(TODO: understand much better how seaborn exposes matplotlib’s internals. Then I can google for matplotlib stuff too)

Bonus: setting figure title for each facet of a FacetGrid AND the entire figure

You can access the matplotlib Figure through .fig , then use matplotlib.pyplot.suptitle — Matplotlib 3.7.1 documentation for the main figure title!

x = sns.displot(
).set_titles(col_template="{col_name}") # Title template for each facet

# Main figure title, through matplotlib Figure
x.fig.suptitle("Distribution of sums of all items_available per time.pull",va='bottom')
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