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21 Jun 2023

Overleaf bits



EDIT 2023-12-05 Overleaf has Vim bindings! Enable-able in the project menu. There are unofficially supported ways to even make custom bindings through TamperMonkey


Kurz und gut

  • Ctrl+Enter compiles the project
  • Bold/italic work as expected, <C-b/i>. Same for copypaste etc.
  • Advanced reference search: is cool.
  • Comments:
    • <C-/> for adding %-style LaTex comments.
    • <C-S-c> for adding Overleaf comments


Overleaf Keyboard Shortcuts - Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor helpfully links to a PDF, screenshots here: 2023-06-21-191403_1204x858_scrot.png 2023-06-21-191405_690x267_scrot.png

It seems to have cool multi-cursor functionality that might be worth learning sometime.


Overleaf has a lot of templates: Templates - Journals, CVs, Presentations, Reports and More - Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor

If your conference’s is missing but it sends you a .zip, you can literally import it as-is in Overleaf, without even unpacking. Then you can “copy” it to somewhere else and start writing your paper.

Bits and pieces

  • Renaming the main file to sth like 0paper.tex makes it appear on top, easier to find.
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