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19 Sep 2023

seaborn label bars in histogram plot

The ’new’ function in matplotlib for this is matplotlib.pyplot.bar_label — Matplotlib 3.8.0 documentation (ty Revisions to Display count on top of seaborn barplot [duplicate] - Stack Overflow):

ax = sns.histplot(df.langs_parsed)
#ax.set_ylabel("# of files")

for i in ax.axes.containers:

The second link has infos about barplot, catplot, and countplot too!

If the text goes over the limit and the light-gray background of seaborn’s theme or something, increase the limit as:

ggylim = ax.axes.get_ylim()[1]
new_ylim = ylim + 300

ax.axes.set_ylim(0, new_ylim)

# you can also set padding of the labels in px and Text ( properties:
for ax in g.axes.containers:
    g.bar_label(ax, padding=-10,fontsize=5)

Disabling scientific notation / setting format

EDIT 2023-10-06: To disable scientific notation, one can use the fmt= argument (see bar_label docu) where one can pass a format, including as f-string:

for i in ax.axes.containers:
    ans = ax.bar_label(

There’s also a parameter that decides at which point to start to use sci. notation, I think I closed the tab with the link though+

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