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02 Nov 2023

Wowchemy basics

TIL wowchemy exists, and wowchemy/starter-hugo-research-group: 👥 轻松创建研究组或组织网站 Easily create a stunning Research Group, Team, or Business Website with no-code is one template there that I’ll use to start learning about it.

This will be much messier than the average post in the Diensttagebuch

Their documentation seems to be undergoing some overhaul and half of the links don’t work and half don’t open in qutebrowser, will do what I can


The main idea seems to be that blocks can live in different .md files in a folder, and are shown in the page based on their “weight” argument.


Page collection

Wowchemy has different block types, one is Page Collection | Wowchemy for a collection of pages. A la page list in vanilla Hugo.

Actually there’s 🧱 Build your pages with blocks: no-code required! | Wowchemy Docs that’s closer to that

Page features

More bits

type: widget_page

means it’ll parse the pages AND DIRECTORIES inside the dir it’s located in as widgets, example of this is the home page.

I see no way to include two different lists of pages inside the directory without having all these pages also appear as widgets - in other words, how to “include” pages in that subfolder from some of the widgets but not the widgets page itself.

But - now I see why the home page is inside ./content/home

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