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09 Feb 2024

Pandas adding prefix to columns and making metadata out of column subsets

One can convert some column values to dict/json easily:

some_cols_subset = ['col1','col2']
df['my_metadata'] = df[some_cols_subset].apply(lambda x: to_dict(),axis=1)  #to_json()

To rename all cols by adding a prefix:


# now these columns are called pr_col1, pr_col2

And of course both at the same time works as well:

tales[csv_md_target_key] = tales[other_cols].add_prefix(tale_metadata_prefix).apply(lambda x: x.to_dict(), axis=1)

# now that column contain a dict representation of the row, and I can later pass it as metadata to log somewhere where I don't want to drag pandas dataframes to, without manually creating dictionary
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