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03 Dec 2021

211203-1941 Obsidian link to headers and internal blocks

Linking to blocks and headers in #obsidian

Is helpfully describeed in the autocomplete for [[:

EDIT 2021-12-07: You can do this from external pages too! Just autocompletion is not intuitive. See 211207-2015 Obsidian embedding parts of other document. 1

Manually creating block references

When linking internally it autogenerates reference names, it seems. ^74ce58

Can I do this? ^myreference

Yes I can! Autocompletion even suggests/uses my reference!

Can _I_ do this? ^myreference

[Yes I can!](#^myreference)  Autocompletion even suggests/uses my reference!

  1. And an internal link to the paragraph: here↩︎

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