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09 Aug 2022

Pycharm pytest logging settings

Pytest logging in pycharm

In Pycharm running config, there are options to watch individual log files which is nice.

But the main bit - all my logging issues etc. were the fault of Pycharm’s Settings for pytest that added automatically a -q flag. Removed that checkmark and now I get standard pytest output that I can modify!

And now caplog1 works:

def test_split_ds(caplog):
    caplog.set_level(logging.DEBUG, logger="")
	# ...

Dropping into debugger on uncaught exception + pytest plugin

So, previously I thought about this here: 220214-1756 python run pdb on exception

Anyway, solution was on pytest level, installing this package was the only thing needed: pytest-pycharm · PyPI

Installed it at the same time as this pycharm plugin, might’ve been either of the two:

pytest imp - IntelliJ IDEA & PyCharm Plugin | Marketplace / theY4Kman/pycharm-pytest-imp: PyCharm pytest improvements plugin

Anyway now life’s good:


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