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29 May 2023

Plant datasets taxonomy prep

This contains the entire list of all datasets I care about RE [230529-1413 Plants datasets taxonomy] for 230507-2308 230507-1623 Plants paper notes

REALLY NICE OVERVIEW PAPER with really good overview of the existing datasets! Frontiers | Plant recognition by AI: Deep neural nets, transformers, and kNN in deep embeddings

  • Flavia

  • Datasets | The Leaf Genie has list of leaf datasets! TODO

  • Herbarium 2021

    • Huge ds and paper linking to smaller ones - preliminarily added them to the spreadsheet
    • [[2105.13808] The Herbarium 2021 Half-Earth Challenge Dataset](
    • <@delutioHerbarium2021HalfEarth2021 (2021) z/d>)

Next steps


  • Update it for all the sub-datasets if practical - e.g. web and friends if needed
  • Done


  • Nice picture of who stole from whom
  • Done
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