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24 Apr 2024

Presentations with Quarto and Reveal.js



    slide-number: true
    hash-type: number

Hide slide: ## Slide Title {visibility="hidden"}

Slides themselves

Title slide

If you exclude title and author from frontmatter, no title slide will be created and you can create your own


Asides exist: :::{.aside}


Centering stuff

Complex layouts are possible with layouts:

::: {layout="1],[-1,1,1,1,-1"}
![](./images/logos/logo_chatgpt.png){.nostretch width="500px" fig-align="center"}

![](./images/logos/l2.png){.nostretch width="200px"}

![](./images/logos/l1.png){.nostretch width="200px"}

![](./images/logos/l3.png){.nostretch width="200px"}



## {.classname}

::: {.classname}
div with class=classname

::: {}
div with no class — we still need the {} for it to be a div

::: {.one-div}
:::: {.inside-another}
But the number of : doesn't matter as long as it's >3 — they aren't even matching by count, it's just divs inside divs inside divs, the number of : is just for readability



quarto-ext/attribution: Display attribution text sideways along the right edge of Revealjs slides.

	revealjs: ...
  - attribution

## attribution
![testatt](./images/logos/logo_chatgpt.png){.nostretch width="600px" fig-align="center"}

::: {.attribution}
Photo courtesy of [@ingtotheforest](


EmilHvitfeldt/quarto-roughnotation: An extension that uses the roughnotation javascript library to add animated annotations to revealjs documents.

R to run.

Sample presentation: RoughNotation; its source: quarto-roughnotation/example.qmd at main · EmilHvitfeldt/quarto-roughnotation

title: Simple roughnotation setup
   - roughnotation
- [type]{.rn rn-type=circle}
- [animate]{.rn rn-animate=false}
- [animationDuration]{.rn rn-animationDuration=20000}
- [color]{.rn rn-color=blue}
- [strokeWidth]{.rn rn-strokeWidth=3}
- [multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline]{.rn rn-multiline=true}
- [iterations]{.rn rn-iterations=1}
- [rtl]{.rn rn-rtl=false}


{.rn rn-type=underline}

Key bits:

And this will be [circled]{.rn rn-type=circle rn-color=orange}
and [underlined]{.rn rn-type=underline rn-color=orange rn-animate=false}
and [boxed]{.rn rn-type=box rn-color=blue rn-animate=false}
and [crossed]{.rn rn-type=crossed-off rn-color=blue rn-animate=false}
and [crossed again]{.rn rn-type=strike-through rn-color=blue rn-animate=false}


rn-index=2 for order so that the animations happpen one after the other

Works for entire divs as well: RoughNotation

Problems with RN

It highlights the wrong places for me if the presentation is too narrow, both on mobile and desktop browsers; zooming out helps but too much breaks it again. EDIT: a known issue mentioned in the last slide of the sample presentation, they also suggest zooming.

EDIT: No one said I have to use half a screen for previewing, this is a nice layout that solves multiple problems:



Quarto – Reveal Themes

Default theme: quarto-cli/src/resources/formats/revealjs/quarto.scss at main · quarto-dev/quarto-cli

Centering everything

/*-- scss:defaults --*/
$presentation-slide-text-align: center !default;
    theme: [default, my_scss_file.scss]

BUT for some things it’s ugly, like lists. Then:

.notcenter {
  text-align: left;
### Outline 
::: {.notcenter}
- English example
	- Morphology
	- Agreement


{.smaller} works on full slides only, this works for divs too:

.newsmaller {
	font-size: calc(#{$presentation-font-size-root} * #{$presentation-font-smaller});

Increasing slide number size

.reveal .slide-number {
	font-size: 30px !important;

Both linked by the excellent and thorough Beautiful Reports and Presentations with Quarto

References / citations

Quarto – Citations & Footnotes

.biblatex file exported from Zotero and optonally a CSL style (citation-style-language/styles: Official repository for Citation Style Language (CSL) citation styles.)

bibliography: ../../Masterarbeit.bib
csl: ./diabetologia.csl

# etc. In diabetologia this gives the usual [1] thingies.
[see @key]

Then autocomplete in vim-quarto (!)

Dynamism and animations

Incremental lists are {.incremental}, or the entire presentation can be

    incremental: true  

with {.nonincremental} parts.

Otherwise Fragments1 exist with more control.

r-stack allows to make images overlapping: Quarto – Advanced Reveal

Simple template for slides with everything

## Title {.smaller}
::: {.notcenter}

:::: {.incremental}
- some
- list

<!-- footnotes here if needed
[^leaderboard]: <>

::: {.notes}
sp. notes.

::: footer
Chapter - Section


CSS inside slides

The excellent page of quarto presentation tricks Meghan Hall has this:

Text with [red words]{style="color:#cc0000"}.

No special CSS classes needed!

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