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30 Apr 2024

Inkscape poster video notes

So I learned that poster videos are a thing, 10 years ago I’d have used Prezi but not now

And TIL inkscape has neat keybindings for zooming.


  • Inkscape keyboard and mouse reference | Inkscape

  • View -> Zoom has a list as well

    • I should have looked at it earlier — it has neat things e.g. X-ray etc.: 2024-04-30-191715_929x886_scrot.png
  • 3 zooms in to the selected element

  • 1-6 are all zooming things (from the docu):

    • 2024-04-30-192013_734x670_scrot.png
  • 3-Layout-extraction-1 is a 6min description I have not watched but could be nice.

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