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24 Jan 2019

Day 14. DT



Added never-ending tasks like cleaning as the first numbers, so I can still track the time. To give them ids 1 and 2 etc., I moved them to the top of ~/.task/ I might consider making a patch so that it’s less of ahack? Or – even better – just scripts that interface with timewarrior with taskwarrior out of the picture completely?


  • Bulletpoints are one asterisk
    • sub-bullet-points are +
* Bulletpoints are one asterisk
    * sub-bullet-points are <tab>+*


  • I should make a better way to track repetitive tasks like cleaning with timewarrior. A bash script, prolly? Like track cl or sth similar.
  • Create a day when I go through the scratchbox and paste it somewhere - let’s make it to a particular page on this DTB, and let’s make it wednesday.
    • but ideally recheck it once a day
  • Add to my statusline on the big screen the output of timew for th ecurrent “Tracking”.
    • DONE
  • Add a zsh command to make it easier to create new Jekyll posts, with correctly formatted name and content. I’m surprised that I have not found anything similar, it’s prolly there, but I haven’t looked enough.
    • DONE!
  • Fix dates in all posts – the ones inside the header, not the name
    • DONE!
  • add tags for not-work and deep-work to Taskwarrior, to better track time for clean work and various cleaning/social/lunch/whatever stuff.
  • Calendar – add the symbols in a maximally configurable way instead of directly into tikz-kalender.cls
    • DONE ?
  • How does \ifdate work inside tikz calendar, it’s like a globally defined command? Interesting I didn’t get that before.


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