In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

25 Jan 2019

Day 15. DT


I will be doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program in February! Should also read this. And follow the drink a lot of milk calorie gain thing.


  • For tasks with parentheses, they need to be escaped \(like this \), so that they don’t conflict with zsh.
    • Speaking of which, what do they conflict with?
  • I should finally remember that it’s shorten @1 20min for timew, and 20m for utimer. I think it’d be easier to fix utimer than timew – I need to make them identical either way. I guess hypothetical TODO for later.


  • I should learn the names of the German letters:
  • Learn bash/zsh parentheses – what do they do exactly.
  • I could make a specific i3wm-config for when I want to do Deep Work in Cal Newport’s meaning of the word? With different background and only two workspaces or something like this. Bonus points if I can switch to it dynamically.
  • T add the dynamic font size change perl addon to urxvt
  • I should make two different kinds of Scratchboxes – the ones which are time-sensitive and ones that are not.
    • And I should learn to ignore thoughts which are inconsequential and not with no chance to ever be acted on.
  • Add to my timer the ability to do “tm 15:00” or something.


  • der Pfad - die Pfade -> trails/paths
    • abseits ausgetretener Pfade – off the beaten track
    • TODO Ankify this
  • Not Synchronizität, Synchronität. (at least in Schaltungstechnik).
Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.