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27 Jan 2020

Day 392

Python truthy and falsy

TIL that values considered true/false without being explicitly True/False have a name, and from python - What is Truthy and Falsy? How is it different from True and False? - Stack Overflow here’s a handy list of them:

All values are considered “truthy” except for the following, which are “falsy”:

  • None
  • False
  • 0
  • 0.0
  • 0j
  • Decimal(0)
  • Fraction(0, 1)
  • [] - an empty list
  • {} - an empty dict
  • () - an empty tuple
  • '' - an empty str
  • b'' - an empty bytes
  • set() - an empty set
  • an empty range, like range(0)
  • objects for which
    • obj.__bool__() returns False
    • obj.__len__() returns 0

A “truthy” value will satisfy the check performed by if or while statements. We use “truthy” and “falsy” to differentiate from the bool values True and False.

Truth Value Testing

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