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11 Feb 2020

Day 407

Vim “Done” map/macro

The following inside the .vimrc moves the selected line to the end of the file and takes the cursor back: map <C-d> dGp''

For details, cursor movement - How do I jump to the location of my last edit? - Vi and Vim Stack Exchange.

From the first answer:

The `. command will bring you to your last change.

The ` goes to a mark, and . is a “special” mark which is automatically set to the position where the last change was made. See :help `. for some more information.

There is also `` which will bring you back to where the cursor was before you made your last jump. See :help `` for more information.

Another useful mark is `^; this is the position where the cursor was the last time when insert mode was stopped. See :help `^.

See :help mark-motions for some more general info about using marks (including some other “special” marks that are automatically set).

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