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12 Feb 2020

Day 408

Python ModuleNotFoundError ‘requests’

To get requests one has to install requests-html. requests might already be installed.

Why did I get ModuleNotFoundError instead of ImportError? Apparently it’s new in Python 3.6 and it’s a subclass of ImportError, just more precise; catching ImportError would work for it too.

Programming cases name

From naming - What are the different kinds of cases? - Stack Overflow:

  • Flat case: myvariable
  • Kebab case: my-variable (this is the most famous. Other names include: caterpillar case, dash case, hyphen case, lisp case, spinal case and css-case)
  • Camel case: myVariable
  • Pascal case: MyVariable (other names: capital camel case)
  • Snake case: my_variable (other names: c case)
  • Macro case: MY_VARIABLE (other names: upper case)
  • Cobol case: COBOL-CASE (other names: Train case)
Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.