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20 Feb 2020

Day 416

Transformer & BERT ML article

NLP — BERT & Transformer - Jonathan Hui - Medium is probably the best explanation of the Transformer and BERT I’ve even seen.

Fill paragraph, Knuth and psychologically bad breaks

Implement Fill Paragraph for coments · Issue #2737 · intellij-rust/intellij-rust

This is fascinating problem, originally solved by Knuth himself, and a primarily example of dynamic programming: However interesting the problem might be, I’d rather my IDE solved it, and not me :-)

TODO - read it sometime maybe, I’ve skimmed through it and it looks very interesting.

Intellij Idea ideavim plugin remove keybinding

Predictably to remove a keybinding imported from .vimrc in .ideavimrc the usual syntax is used: unmap <C-h>

Intellij Idea Ideavim go to last modified line

The vim shortcut '' works in ideavim as well!

General idea about Tensorflow and writing stuff for it

It’d be nice to have fixed values (and especially dimensions!) for my tensors that I use for testing stuff such as layers. If my input tensors' dimensions are predictable, like [10, 9, 8, ...] for each dimension, I’d be able to recognize them immediately at various stages without having to think about it. For a level up, I can consider for example Fibonacci numbers or similar, that have different divisors, so that the program will fail early and predictably if I do something wrong.

Otherwise I kinda like the approach of Tensor Considered Harmful, especially the part where dimensions have human-readable names.

Deutsch / Jour fixe

TIL: Jour fixe ist ein in einer kleinen Gruppe von Personen fest vereinbarter, regelmäßig wiederkehrender Termin (Regeltermin), zum Beispiel „jeder zweite Donnerstag im Monat“. In der Arbeitswelt wird zu diesem Regeltermin meist eine Besprechung durchgeführt.

reStructuredText for Python documentation

7. Documenting Python — Python Developer’s Guide is something I can try to follow. PEP 287 – reStructuredText Docstring Format | has more examples.

Getting permanent links to files - GitHub Help tells me to press y for the URI to update to the permanent link to that version of the file.

Ideavim search seems “smart” by default, ignores case unless I use case in my search.

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.