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08 Apr 2020

Day 464

screen naming screens

Screens named with screen -S myname and attached by screen -r myname - tab completion works with screen -r!

Taskwarrior list unfinished tasks created more than 2 weeks ago

entry is the time the task was created. So:

task all sprint:$SPRINT status:pending entry.before:eow-3wk tags.not:s,end,tags,description,Done,Tags,Description rc.verbose:label,blank is what I’ll use in SIOM.

Google calendar has shortcuts!

I missed this all my life.

  • j/k work predictably.
  • t Today
  • g Go to date
  • c create

Tensorflow GPU use

If more than 1 GPU are visible, tensorflow will take some memory on all of them, even if its actively using only one. Restricting visibility the usual way helps.

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.