In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

13 Apr 2020

Day 469


Added config.bind('tw', 'set-cmd-text -s :open -w') to config, now tw is like a, but for windows instead of tabs.

Vim markdown references macro

Added this macro: let @R = 'viw"oyi[^^[^[^[^[A]^[^[^[Go[^^[^[^[^["opA]: ^[^[^[^['

When the last word in the line is selected, it gets transformed immediately to a reference. I’ll use this vim cheatsheet as 1.

  1. Vim cheatsheetVim cheatsheet As a bonus, this uses a non-default vim register so whatever is in my clipboard stays there. (But it destroys whatever I had in "o). ↩︎

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.