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03 May 2020

Day 489

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TODO: Add links to categories in my blog, they might be useful for example for Pentachronological #0015 Праздник | Я сам, соломка, чай.. And in general maybe look into the blog itself - maybe I want to unite it with Diensttagebuch or something?

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If you really want to make something good, eat good food and drink good saki. (Welcome to the NHK, episode 20.) 1

A tv drama has a progressive plot, an emotional climax and a resolution, but our lives aren’t like that… all we get day after day are vague anxieties that are never resolved. 2

questo è uno di quegli anime che fanno morire una piccola parte di te, passi 1-2 giorni ripensando a ciò che hai visto malinconico. Al 3 giorno pensi un’ultima volta a ciò che ti ha trasmesso, sorridi e il vuoto che ti ha dato si riempie di fiori dandoti molto di più da ciò che ti aspettavi. 3

And on the topic of fully enlightened people:

Ad-hoc tables via tabulate

tabulate works surprisingly well to make random tables:

>>> x = tabulate.tabulate([['WHAT','Will happen','Will not happen'],['If I do this','',''],['If I don\'t do this','','']],tablefmt='grid')
>>> print(x)
| WHAT               | Will happen | Will not happen |
| If I do this       |             |                 |
| If I don't do this |             |                 |


(wow?) debellare - Wiktionary - sconfiggere/eliminare. 3

  1. Welcome To The NHK 20 English Dub - YouTube, even though anime on Youtube is one of the more ephemeral things. ↩︎

  2. Welcome To The NHK 21 English Dub - YouTube ↩︎

  3. Welcome to the NHK - Ep. 24 - Welcome to the N.H.K.! - END - YouTube ↩︎

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