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20 May 2020

Day 506

“Vim plugins I use” + read man pages with vim

Vim plugins that I use, Read man pages with vim

The last one is freaking awesome.


spunk - spark (fire); courage, spirit, determination.

Vim new highlight groups

fun! SetBackslash()
    syn region mys matchgroup=ignore start=/^\\/ end=/$/ oneline
    hi link mys EndOfBuffer

fun! SetQuestions()
    syn region dash matchgroup=ignore start=/^\\\s*+/ end=/$/ oneline
    hi link dash Statement

The backslash is a way to mark “pre-written” things is my todo files. Anything after them is special. The backslash itself doesn’t get shown (matchgroup=ignore), everything else either is colored as EndOfBuffer (blue) or, if it starts with a +, as Statement (=yellow).

I’ll play with the colours a bit more later.

matchgroup=1 is the colour in which we’ll print the things that are actually matched as start/end, can be different from the thing demarcated by them.

  1. Vim documentation: usr_44 ↩︎

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