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28 May 2020

Day 514

Hypermodern python

Hypermodern Python · Claudio Jolowicz It has basics on how to write/run/publish a Python app in 2020, which is nice. Uses poetry and stuff. I don’t have much knowledge in such things. But next project I do will use some of the ways described in there, there’s no consensus on how to do it right but what’s described there is much better than nothing.

Project idea

Yet another nice unfinished project! I need something to unite flashcards and actual study material. I see something that gets markdown flashcards as input, and generates (via genanki1?) actual flashcards to be imported into anki, but also (with pandoc?) nice readable latex/HTML thinges in column (a la “The little schemer”) form to review it better and/or print.

This is something I really miss now, since anki_import has some issues but I don’t want to learn perl to fix them. And I’d need the column format output.

qutebrowser bindings with specifying mode

Added this to

config.unbind('<Shift-Escape>', mode='passthrough')
config.bind('<Ctrl-Shift-Escape>', 'leave-mode', mode='passthrough')

Now I can use <Shift+Escape> in vim-mode of Jupyter Notebook! It’s used to go from insert mode inside a cell to operate on the cells themselves. I missed this. Additionally my bindings of “Ctrl” as “Escape” when clicked fast seem to work also inside other bindings! As in <Shift-fastCtrl> works as <Shift-Escape>. Wow.

Random / youtube-dl

Youtube-dl can download video from Reddit! Such as will she fall? (tutorial link in comment) : animation

  1. kerrickstaley/genanki: A Python 3 Library for Generating Anki Decks ↩︎

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