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03 Jul 2020

Day 550

Random / interesting / cats

Существует «теория благополучия животных», которая определяет «пять свобод», необходимых животным, которые живут рядом с человеком:

  • свобода от голода и жажды;
  • свобода от дискомфорта;
  • свобода от травм и болезней;
  • свобода поведения, характерного для вида животного;
  • свобода от горя и страданий. 1


Java ternary operators

Java has ternary operators! Java Ternary Operator

String value = object != null ? object.getValue() : null;

Java subclassing something w/ private fields

java - Do subclasses inherit private fields? - Stack Overflow is pretty split by opinions. TL;DR they are inherited as they are used by the methods in the superclass, but you can’t use them in the subclass.o

Since the subclass can’t access or modify the private fields, then, in other words, they are not inherited. But there really is just one object, it really does contain the private fields.

So classes do not inherit them, but the object does. And the JLS (Java SE Specifications) is the Bible.

History is happening

Santa Cruz County Beaches Officially Reopen Due to Public Ignoring Beach Closure

  1. Татьяна Куликова Sestratk: «о чём хотела бы рассказать ваша кошка» — ЖЖ ↩︎

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