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08 Jul 2020

Day 555

Java jar/fatjar shaded dependency

libraries - What is a shaded Java dependency? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Shading dependencies is the process of including and renaming dependencies (thus relocating the classes & rewriting affected bytecode & resources) to create a private copy that you bundle alongside your own code.

To Shade a library is to take the contents files of said library, put them in your own jar, and change their package. This is different from packaging which is simply shipping the libraries files in side your own jar without relocating them to a different package.

Recovering corrupt textfiles / strings / fc builtin shell command

How to fix and recover zsh: corrupt history file /home/…/.zsh_history error

strings .zsh_history_old > .zsh_history
fc -R .zsh_history

strings gives the strings (=printable characters) in a file;


fc is freaking awesome. Linux and Unix fc command tutorial with examples | George Ornbo

Running fc opens a text editor w/ the last command, closing it runs the command you edited. On my box it opens vim. This is so going to help me with long commands oh my God. Much better than the faux-vim syntax that I have in zsh. I’ll be able to use ci) and other things I always missed.

fc -l, fc -l 100, fc -l 100 200 lists the last commands ran (or a range). fc -ln doesn’t print their numbers. -d gives timestamps, -f for full timestamp in US format, -fE for the usual one.

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