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09 Jul 2020

Day 556

Random / Interesting / patterns

“If it takes water lilies that double their spread every day 50 days to cover the entire lake, on what day would they cover a half of that lake?"

The answer, obviously, is day 49. More to the point, day 45 would have had only seen the lilies cover 3,125% of the lake. Day 40 would have had been 0,0976% - from that little of an amount, the lilies would proceed to take over the entire lake in 10 more days.

So, it’s the same way with this pandemic. I think there now enough of an evidence from anywhere in the world to say that absent an (effective, early) intervention to lower R0 inside the country, it takes about 3,5 months for the virus to blow up into a devastating contagion. 1

Intellij idea environment variables

Intellij reads environment variables only at startup, and there’s no way to refresh them. Even “Restart”-ing it via the menu didn’t help, I think I need to physically restart the process.

UPD: Even restarting the process doesn’t work if I don’t (re)start zsh (and make it read the new variables in .zshrc) in the terminal where it’s running! Which actually makes sense.

Intellij idea git annotate

VCS -> Git -> Annotate is basically git blame. It shows the last person who modified each particular line and when.

Qutebrowser ‘open in private window’

:open -p {url} opens url in private window. qutebrowser --temp-basedir -s content.private_browsing true also works.

Random / Interesting / Languages

Circumfix - Wikipedia is when something gets added both to the beginning and the end of a word; same cluster as prefixes/suffixes. Examples are German “ge…t” and “най…чший” for German/Russian.

Random / IT

Diving in the current codebase I’m reading through, I realize just how awesome are tests to understand unknown code. The usual “change stuff and see what happens” is much easier if it’s all nicely insulated, with hardcoded values, and providing examples of how to use the code. I’ll remember this.


To finally save my answers to the notifications, added config.load_autoconfig() to as per qutebrowser/configuring.asciidoc at master · qutebrowser/qutebrowser

  1. SARS-CoV-2 has been circulating in northern Italy since December 2019: evidence from environmental monitoring : COVID19 ↩︎

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