In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

10 Jul 2020

Day 557

Timewarrior / timew

If I track something tagged ‘daily’ it sees it as <duration> and I get syntax error.


Randfälle - edge cases; TODO add to anki


The name is sometimes said to be derived from an Ojibwe exonym for the Sioux meaning “little snakes” (compare nadowe “big snakes”, used for the Iroquois).

Random / quotes / meditation

However, in general, when meditating, you take the mind as you find it and work from there. There’s no particular way the mind has to be. (Reddit)

Identify an unknown process in linux

Found something called “HUNT” in htop taking A LOT of my CPU. Process with randomized name - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange:

Check its process ID, and look at ls -l /proc/process_id/ to see e.g. what the executable is (the exe symlink).

exe symlink pointed to /usr/sbin/huntd, which was easy to Google, and which turned up to be one of the bsdgames I tested earlier that still had its daemon running. I’ll remember this trick.

(Why did it take so much memory is still a mystery but I’m not that interested to check).

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.