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14 Jul 2020

Day 561

Random / interesting

Third-party doctrine - Wikipedia - is a United States legal doctrine that holds that people who voluntarily give information to third parties—such as banks, phone companies, internet service providers (ISPs), and e-mail servers—have “no reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Keyboard layout / compose

Changed line to setxkbmap -option -option 'grp:rctrl_toggle, compose:rwin, compose:paus' v5,ruua &, now the Pause key works as compose too. Will check whether the RWIN works back at home with the keyboard that has a RWIN. 1

vim macro

For markdown references, updated my old @R macro to add an additional /Enter before the actual reference part, so it’s gets parsed correctly:

`let @R = ‘viw"oyi[^^[^[^[^[A]^[^[^[Go^M[^^[^[^[^[“opA]: ^[^[^[^[‘et @R = ‘viw"oyi[^A]Go

For the ^M/Enter, I used the old <C-v><Enter> trick. 2

intellij toolbox app

The Toolbox app is actually not bad at all and quite easy to use and the things it installs can actually be run from CLI. It also recognized my manually downloaded intellij - which raises the question how did it do that.

EDIT Do 17 Sep 2020 07:29:48 CEST: but of course the environment variables set in ~/.zshrc are not going to be set if you launch the toobox app not via CLI. ~/idea/bin/ remains my favourite method.

maven documentation / skipping tests

Maven Surefire Plugin – Skipping Tests has nice info and its readable, and I should read through the maven documentation sometime.

To skip maven tests: mvn install -DskipTests

Qutebrowser devtools

  1. Are not enabled if I don’t import the virtualenv before running qutebrowser
  2. Can be happily moved to a separate window by :devtools window


Added these two nice functions to zsh, for work and not-work:

tt () {task s project:w  "$*"}
th () {task s \($(date +%-V) or sprint:c \) project.not:w "$*"}

  1. How to set your Compose Key on XFCE/Xubuntu & LXDE Linux · ↩︎

  2. How to create a macro in .vimrc which automatically uses enter - Vi and Vim Stack Exchange ↩︎

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