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17 Jul 2020

Day 564

Intellij idea project dependencies / maven / magic

I had two projects, one used code from the other one. The other one is also compiled jars gotten via maven. Had an issue that it used the maven one instead of the manually imported one I wanted it to use, even though Ctrl+Click took me to the ‘right’ directory with the files I wanted it to see.

Sorted out via Project Structure -> Modules -> $modulename -> dependencies, where I deleted the maven one and pointed it to the imported folder/project

Random / quotes / coronavirus

People seem to have a naïve view of what “cured” means: someone “gets sick”, is treated, and then returns to the status quo ante. Thus there is little concern about catching the disease (or any disease) when you are not in an “at risk” group.

But hospital discharge just means the treatment you get stops being worth the time/money. Ideally you finish convalescing at home. But any consequential damage isn’t ignored, as if you just had had a dented panel replaced on your car.

Once I understood this error some of the discussion about dealing with the virus made sense.1


  1. Covid-19 is causing a wide range of disorders in the nervous system | Hacker News ↩︎

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