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21 Jul 2020

Day 568

Random / TODO / Linux

I should really rewrite my timer function to be a) Python, b) better than the current version.

# Timer in zsh
tm() {
    local DATE=$(date +'%H:%M:%S %d/%m')
    local N="$1"; shift
  (utimer -c > ~/s/sounds/outbash $N && mpg123 -q ~/s/sounds/tib.mp3  &
      zenity --info --title="Time's Up" --text="${*:-BING} \n\n $DATE")

utimer seeing minutes as m while everyone else (timew especially) wanting minutes as min makes me crazy.

Intellij idea

I can remove the tree of files by doubleclicking the tabs!

Intellij idea debugging paste

<Ctrl-Shift-V> gives a nice choice of things to paste, first thing being the current content of the buffer. The others I assume are historical.

Quotes in german / Random / Interesting / TODO

punctuation - What is the correct way to denote a quotation in German? - German Language Stack Exchange TODO read

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