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24 Jul 2020

Day 571

Intellij idea breakpoints with no executable code

So here’s a nice difference w/ Python - in Python, you can set breakpoints everywhere, and you can add something random after the line you want to look at if it’s the last line of the function. In java, I assume some pointless lines are optimized away or considered uninteresting, but you can set a breakpoint to the } bracket and the end of the function if it’s on a line alone.

(Have yet to find a way to nicely output multiple values in the debugger though.)

Intellij idea “Execute code” during debugging

What I could do in Python with 2, 3, 'test', function() I can do in Java by returning an array or whatever, with

Object[] t = {1, 3, 5, "whatever"}

Which is nicely covered by this Live template:

Object[] t = {

that I run via exe<Tab>

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