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01 Sep 2020

Day 610

x-www-browser and qutebrowser

If qutebrowser is not running and I click a link, another instance will be started, and it looks like this: myusername+ 19648 10.8 2.7 6125248 896828 ? Sl 12:10 10:07 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/x-www-browser https://the-link-i-click.ed; I can’t find it easily as the process doesn’t contain the string qutebrowser.

English / German Redewendungen

English / British | analog | English Dictionary “analog” is English spelling, British is “analogue”

NLP / NER / Named entity recognition / ML

CH’s favourite example of ambiguity in NER:

[Paris(LOC) Hilton(ORG)](PER)

zsh theme

Changed it to clean, now I get the time when I ran commands. I so missed this, not sure when it all went wrong.

zsh history with datetime

history -E shows time and date when a command was run.

I really think I need something like a lab notebook approach to all my work experiments, this is a good step for this. So many terminals around with so much stuff run with different parameters and no way to track it.

history -E:

 7932  1.9.2020 18:11  history
 7933  1.9.2020 18:11  vim ~/.zshrc
 7934  1.9.2020 18:11  zsh
 7935  1.9.2020 18:11  ls
 7936  1.9.2020 18:13  pwd
 7937  1.9.2020 18:13  ls
 7938  1.9.2020 18:13  cd newkotlin-newusecase
 7939  1.9.2020 18:13  pwd | xc
 7940  1.9.2020 18:13  ls
 7941  1.9.2020 18:13  history -E
 7942  1.9.2020 18:15  vim ~/.zshrc
 7943  1.9.2020 18:15  zsh

Outputs only the latest items though. But it accepts a start parameter, so history -E 0 gives me what I need.

Also I didn’t fix the time last time apparently, date still disagrees with tztime, whatever I did last time was a temporary fix. Will be printing timezone info starting from now on.

Now I have a couple more default aliases:

alias h='history -E 1 | grep'
alias hh='history -E 1'
alias g='grep'

zsh alias for date in filenames/commands

alias sht='date +"%m%d-%H%M%S%z"'

Now I can do whatevercommand -o outputfile-$(sht) and it will paste a datetime like outputfile-0901-182113+0300 automatically.

curl quiet mode

The magic for waiting for files will be now watch curl -I -s http://somefile | grep 200 interestingly, echo watch "curl ..." | xc which xc being clipboard gave me a string without "s, not sure at which step they got removed but it might bite me in the future.

Real command is watch "curl -I -s http://somefile | grep 200". . -s makes it show no progress bars etc.

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.