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02 Sep 2020

Day 611

Libreoffice Calc opening files with default import settings

For multiple files with known settings, such as separator, decimal etc., libreoffice --calc mydata.csv --infilter=”CSV:44,34,0,1,4/2/1”

  1. Separator, 44 is the ASCII value of comma
  2. Text delimiter, 34 is the ASCII value of double quote
  3. Character set to use, 0 is the system default
  4. Line number to start conversion. I have no header line, so it is 1
  5. Cell format per column, separated by /. It does not seem to matter if there are a different number of columns in the data: Extra columns default to Standard, extra formats are ignored. 4 = date d/m/y; 2 = text; 1 = standard 1

Full documentation for infilter is here: Filter Options - Apache OpenOffice Wiki

Jekyll mixing html and markdown

I have to remember that putting markdown stuff inside HTML tags won’t work, like with the Actionlist yesterday.

git diff to stdin

Is it possible to git-diff a file against standard input? - Stack Overflow:

echo foo | git diff --no-index -- my_file -

Since git 1.5.1 there’s been an option to diff against stdin - it’s just not been documented

Germany “c/o” with letters and post

  1. libreoffice - How to avoid Text Import form when opening CSV in Calc? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange ↩︎

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