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03 Sep 2020

Day 612

New shiny zsh alias

ff is now find | grep

i3 run and show windows

# bindsym $ms+d exec --no-startup-id i3-dmenu-desktop
bindsym $ms+d exec rofi -show run

# select windown
bindsym $ms+g exec rofi -show window

in i3/config. Rofi is nice and I forgot about it. Added a list of windows on $ms+g so that it’s similar to my qutebrowser keybinding.

Dependencies scopes in Intellij Idea

The default, “Compile”, is the “strongest”. Module dependencies - Help | IntelliJ IDEA contains a really nice table summarizing compile/test/runtime/provided.

Running a single test in maven

mvn -Dtest=UsersServiceImplTest test for all tests in that class, but you can also do wildcards and single test (yourclass#yourtest test) 1

Intellij idea module dependencies order

Order is important and whichever is the first will be used.

You can change the order in the GUI, but you can move them one step above and you can’t move multiple dependencies at the same time. Of course if you add a new one it goes to the veeeery end.

You can edit the configuration manually, inside the project it’s the .iml file that can be edited via whatever.

Get column in bash with cut

This is a thing that keeps coming up, TODO anki

awk - bash: shortest way to get n-th column of output - Stack Overflow

cut -f2 accesses the second field. -d is for delimiters, if not equal to tab. seems to be an OK service for sharing stuff, S. used it for wedding pictures and A. used it for uploading an .iso, both worked well.

  1. Running a Single Unit Test with Maven - Apps Developer Blog ↩︎

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