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07 Sep 2020

Day 616

Disabling wifi to use ethernet

This should have been done long ago but discovered this now. If I have both a wiki and ethernet and want to stop connecting to the wifi, disconnecting from the endpoint is much less reliable than disabling wifi alltogether.

fc and history

fc also accepts the history number of the command to edit and run. So fc 1238, for example.

Ideavim map for <Esc>

Quite often, especially in the commit window, I want to use Ideavim’s normal/command mode, but <Esc> gets intercepted by Idea and closes the commit window. My old mapping works though:

imap jj <Esc>

in .ideavimrc.


zsh share registers with OS when copypasting

git clone ~/.zsh/plugins/zsh-system-clipboard


source "$HOME/.zsh/plugins/zsh-system-clipboard/zsh-system-clipboard.zsh"

in .zshrc

Now I can yank stuff from the zsh command line and paste them in other applications etc.

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