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10 Sep 2020

Day 619

vim antipatterns w vs e + vim movements

I should use e much more than w, as that’s what I really usually need. And in general I should take the time to get to know better the tools I’m constantly using. I guess ‘right’ vim is something like ‘right’ typing.

Also, never used them like this, but c of course takes all movements, so changing next two lines or changing from cursor to beginning of the line also works.

Jira collapsible / spoiler block + code syntax highlighting

This 1 is how you do collapsible spoilers in Jira:

{code:bash|title=Header for code|collapse=true}
echo this is some code

Shows also how to define which syntax highlighting to use.

kitty paste to terminal and copy url hints

Added this to config: map kitty_mod+p>c kitten hints --type path --program @ - copies hinted URL to clipboard.

Default map kitty_mod+p>f kitten hints --type path --program - - pastes the hint to the current terminal window.

This gets rid of so much copypasting oh my God.

Libreoffice calc freeze rows and columns

The setting for freezing headers and stuff so that they remain visible wherever you scroll is in View -> Freeze cells

bash sort by multiple columns

sort -k 13 -k 15 -k 7 -t ";" -d filename - here the multiple -ks are the different sorting keys. -t is separator, and -d is dictionary order. Interestingly, it automatically sorts by everything else too after the column you give it - if you want it to look only at that one column, you do -k 2,2 2

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