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23 Sep 2020

Day 632

vi mode / readline / inputrc / history

This is freaking awesome:

k: history-search-backward
j: history-search-forward

… in ~/.inputrc allows using j/k for scrolling through history in vim mode. 1 This configures readline that then is used by (at least) bash, zsh, and fish.

ag command

I still have it installed as a standalone command, I should use it. Ag (silver searcher) is better than ack, which is better than grep. ggreer/the_silver_searcher: A code-searching tool similar to ack, but faster.

TODO get proficient with them and learn how exactly they are better for writing code.

German | muskelkrampf | English Dictionary - muscle cramp

Intellij Idea “Find in path”

<Ctrl-Shift-f> for “Find in path” - extremely useful for large codebases; info from Tony.

  1. No script is too simple | Hacker News ↩︎

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