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29 Sep 2020

Day 638

i3 disable changing workspace via mouse wheel

bar {
    wheel_up_cmd nop
    wheel_down_cmd exec ~/.i3/scripts/custom_wheel_down

1 is an example. Disabled it in config, not the i3 statusbars own configs.

Intellij idea debugging step out

“Step out” (<Shift-F8>) skips to the first line executed after returning from the current method.

Intellij idea debugging / run code fragment

<Shift-Return> changes the window from one line to multi and back.

tee vs less with UTF-16 / UTF-16LE encoding + reading them in vim

If a file is UTF-16 encoded, tee works much better than less.

To read UTF-16LE in vim, the command is: :e ++enc=utf-16le

Todo diensttagebuch

In my text version of this, I need a nice way of interlinking parts of the text. Ideally in a way that adding text doesn’t break it, and in a way that it’s still text-safe.

  1. Disable switching workspaces or windows via mouse · Issue #1104 · i3/i3 ↩︎

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